Win Every EA Game In 2009


Want to own every EA game released this year and get into The Sims 3? All you have to do is be Ashton Kutcher’s millionth follower on Twitter. This is not a joke.

Ashton Kutcher, aka Kelso from That 70’s Show aka that guy on MTV who got married to that lady who used to be married to Bruce Willis, who was in Die Hard, is the latest in the seemingly endless line of celebrities to adopt everyone’s favorite social media service, Twitter.

Kutcher, who feels the need to make everything in his life into some kind of silly and fun spectacle, doesn’t think that he has enough followers on the site. Or at least he thinks he can get more than CNN, who use the site quite frequently to interact directly with their viewers. So, Kutcher proposed a contest: if he can get 1,000,000 followers before CNN, he’ll play a prank on Ted Turner, buy the lucky follower a copy of Guitar Hero and donate some mosquito notes for World Malaria Day because, hey, why not.

As if that weren’t ridiculous enough, Electronic Arts, who seem to have some kind of grudge against Larry King, have entered the fray. They’re taking Kutcher’s side, and have raised the stakes by offering Kutcher’s millionth follower not only a copy of every single EA game released this year but a guest appearance in the upcoming Sims sequel, The Sims 3.

Welcome, my friends, to the internet. Kutcher has amassed some 900 thousand followers already and can be followed here. As for EA, I don’t know even know why they care.

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