Wing Commander: Academy Joins GOG

Wing Commander Academy

Wing Commander: Academy can be purchased for $5.99.

While the franchise has been relatively dormant in recent years, the Wing Commander series is still well loved by many fans of classic flight sims. Telling the tale of a decades long struggle between humanity and the Kilrathi, it would spawn numerous classic games, several of which would feature actor Mark Hamill starring in the protagonist’s seat as fighter ace Christopher Blair.

While you’ll already find the majority of the series available at GOG, the online retailer has taken another step toward completing its franchise collection by adding Wing Commander: Academy to its library of games. Unlike the rest of the franchise, which is heavily story based, Academy is gameplay-centric, giving players access to a flight simulator and a bevy of options to create custom missions they can fly through. These options include choosing your ships, picking and positioning enemy ships, creating hazards and selecting a wingman to bring with you into the fray.

All in all, it’s fun experience, especially if you’re someone like me who, despite some of its more frustrating moments, really loved the gameplay from Wing Commander 1 and 2. I’ve just always found them to be challenging but fun, and one of my biggest regrets whenever I hit the end credits is the fact that there’s nothing else in the game to play through. Academy is pretty much the solution to this, and while you might be better off investing in the main series first, it’s nonetheless a nice companion for the hardcore Wing Commander fan. Wing Commander: Academy can be purchased for $5.99.

Source: GOG

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