CD Projekt stands by its decision for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to be DRM-free even if it makes piracy an open possibility — because piracy is always possible.

Piracy isn’t going away, and aggressively fighting it can hurt the people who want to enjoy a legal copy of a game. Marcin Iwinski, CD Projekt co-founder and CEO, explained why Witcher 3 will be free of DRM. Whether the game has DRM or no DRM, the game will be pirated, Iwinski said. Iwinski hopes that for those who pirate the game, they will eventually buy it.

“I consider piracy to be part of the world,” Iwinski said in an interview with GOG. For some people, piracy, it’s in a way trying the games because…some people treat it [like] some kind of trial. Some people just cannot afford it in the full price. And ultimately, I believe that if we treat these people right, then at some point, be it mid-price or maybe budget, they will go out and buy our game.”

Iwinski believes using digital rights management in Witcher 3 would do nothing to stop piracy, plus it would not encourage people to obtain legal copies. The studio is realistic: “Whatever we do, the game will be pirated.”

Using DRM technology makes life for the “legal gamer” more difficult, he said. The company does not want to alienate anyone who wants to support Witcher 3. “The guys who really trusted us and went out and bought the game, they have a more difficult life than the guys who didn’t bother and pirated the game. I really think it should be the other way around.” As a result, CD Projekt decided to make it “equal for everyone.”

CD Projekt will not pursue anyone who pirates the game. Iwinski hopes this policy will encourage people to buy the game. “Trust us,” he said, because CD Projekt trusts potential players.

Source: GOG (YouTube)

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