Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Release Dates Announced

Wolf Among Us Ep 4

Telltale has unveiled a launch trailer and release dates for In Sheep’s Clothing.

Minor spoilers ahead.

While we won’t be jerks and spoil the events of Episode 3 we will say that The Crooked Mile ended in one heck of a climax that likely left more than a few players chomping at the bit to see what happens next. That being the case, Telltale today has announced new release dates for the game’s next chapter: In Sheep’s Clothing.

Depending on which platform you’re playing on Episode 4 will become available for digital download between May 27th and May 29th. The May 27th date will apply to PC/Mac players who can purchase the episode as part of a $24.99 season pass. The episode will also release on the 27th for PS3 players who will be able to download it via the PlayStation Store. The Xbox 360 iteration, in turn, will be made available the following day on May 28th, followed by the iOS edtions will release on the 29th. The single episode versions will all cost $4.99.

To go along with this announcement, Telltale has also released a launch trailer to give players a look at what they can expect in the new episode. With the last episode leaving protagonist Bigby Wolf a tad on the bloody and broken side, In Sheep’s Clothing looks as though it will focus some time on Bigby licking his wounds and re-evaluating the investigation of his increasingly complex and conspiracy ridden murder case. The most important question, of course, is if we’ll get to see Bigby go all wolfman again. The trailer doesn’t give any hint of that, but we’re going to go ahead and say that we’d be on board with a bit more of throat ripping.

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