If you’ve always wanted to look like Diana Prince (minus the spandex and the lasso), now’s your chance.

Comic book characters are often considered role models for a number of different things: their dedication, their morals, and their willingness to roll around in radioactive waste in order to gain cool powers. One thing that tends to be ignored by the general public, though, is their make-up technique. However, a cosmetic company has recently revealed that it’s releasing a line of macquillage based on DC Comics’ pinnacle heroine Wonder Woman.

Make-up Art Cosmetics (AKA “M∙A∙C”) has announced a new line of make-up that themed around the color scheme that Wonder Woman uses. At the moment, the make-up is due out sometime this Spring. According to MAC:

Wonder Woman has always known the importance of astounding accessories. For her collaboration with M∙A∙C, we’ve infused her sense and fantasy and wonder into a vivid collection of awe-inspiring accessories as fierce and feminine as the heroine herself. Bright, bold, superhuman designs in Makeup Bags – from radiant Red to Bulletproof Blue, Utility Belt Brush Sets, and exclusively online, the WW T-Shirt and Invincible Mirror. Shazam!

Usually, tie-ins like this are the result of a new movie or TV series, but it seems as though this is a stand-alone product. I’m clearly not a part of M∙A∙C’s target audience, so the whole thing sounds a little silly to me. That said, marketing a cosmetic line for girls with a little bit of nerd appeal and silliness seems pretty fitting when it’s associated with a comic book. There are definitely worse ideas out there.

Source: Temptalia via Geeks Are Sexy

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