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World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade: Names to Know


The Burning Crusade: Names to Know

Feeling overwhelmed by the news coming from beyond the Dark Portal? A bit confused, finding it hard to sift through? Well, we here at WarCry have a short, handy little guide to the most important places, people, and things that you’ll encounter. Think of it as a pocket glossary of sorts!

Cities and Regions:

Hellfire Peninsula – The first and lowest-level zone in Outland, directly on the other side of the Dark Portal. Both the Horde and the Alliance wage war against the demons of the Burning Legion, their Fel Orc minions, and the vicious species native to Outland. Has multiple towns for both factions, and one instanced dungeon, Hellfire Citadel. Suitable for levels 58-63.

Thrallmar – A Horde town in Hellfire Peninsula, one of the main quest hubs in all of Outland.

Honor Hold – An Alliance town in Hellfire Peninsula, one of the main quest hubs in all of Outland.

Falcon Watch – A Blood Elf outpost in Hellfire Peninsula, and a secondary Horde quest hub for the zone.

Temple of Telhamat – A Draenei outpost in Hellfire Peninsula, and a secondary Alliance quest hub for the zone.

Zeth’Gor – A former Orc stronghold in the Southeast corner of Hellfire Peninsula, now in the hands of the Fel Orcs. Both Horde and Alliance have quests here.

Path of Glory – The road that bisects the Hellfire Peninsula horizontally, leading from Hellfire Citadel to the Dark Portal. The Orcs marched this road on their invasion of Azeroth.

Expedition Armory – Far to the South of Hellfire Peninsula, the remains of a Human outpost from the Second War, now inhabited by the vengeful ghosts of the soldiers that were once stationed there. Both factions have quests here.

Throne of Kil’Jaeden – All the way to the North of Hellfire Peninsula, this place is surrounded by gigantic mountains and is impenetrable by foot. Still, it’s rumored that frighteningly powerful demons lurk there, so whether or not you want to go may be an issue.

Zangarmarsh – To the West of Hellfire Peninsula, this fertile marsh with mushrooms the size of enormous trees is slowly drying up. What could be causing this unnatural drought? For players of level 62-64.

Cenarion Refuge – The Outland branch of the Cenarion Circle, the major quest hub in Zangarmarsh. Right on the border between Zangarmarsh and Hellfire Peninsula.

Swamprat Post – A Troll outpost to the north of Cenarion Refuge, and a secondary quest hub for Horde in Zangarmarsh.

Telredor – A Draenei town built on the top of one of the giant mushrooms. The primary Alliance quest hub in Zangarmarsh.

Zabra’Jin – A Troll town to the west of the marsh. The primary Horde quest hub in Zangarmarsh..

Orebor Harboreage – A sacred Draenei temple, now converted into a town for refugees. A secondary Alliance quest hub in Zangarmarsh, far to the Northwest.

Serpent Lake – One of the four large bodies of water in Zangarmarsh, this is by far the biggest, and is located right in the middle of the zone. Beneath the tides, some say that the Naga Queen, Lady Vashj, is plotting some evil scheme…

Sporeggar – The enigmatic spore-people of Sporeggar live here, on the Western edge of Zangarmarsh. There are quests here for both Horde and Alliance, as long as you have good standing with the tribe!

Terokkar Forest – To the south of Zangarmarsh is Terokkar Forest, a lush green zone where the wildlife thrives. The city of Shattrath is in the Northwest corner of the zone, and both travelers and refugees alike flock to its beacon of light. For players of level 63-65.

Cenarion Thicket – The Cenarion Circle sent Druids south to Terokkar from the Refuge in Zangarmarsh, but they’ve lost contact with them… could something have happened? Both Horde and Alliance have quests here.

Stonebreaker Hold – The Horde town in Terokkar Forest, and the main quest hub in the zone.

Allerian Stronghold – The Alliance town in Terokkar Forest, and the main quest hub in the zone.

Firewing Point – A Blood Elf outpost in Terokkar Forest… though these Blood Elves are serving Kael’Thas and the Burning Legion, as opposed to those allied with the Horde. Them elves are up to no good!

Bonechewer Ruins – Once an Orc stronghold, this Terokkar Forest outpost was left for ruin… but it seems that it is once again inhabited, and by Fel Orcs, no less! Could they be in cahoots with the nearby Blood Elf town of Firewing Point? Probably.

Tuurem – Once a Draenei city in Terokkar Forest, it is now inhabited by their Broken kin, who are hostile to virtually everyone they meet. Be wary, traveler!

The Bone Wastes – As one travels south, one notices the lush forest of Terokkar abruptly give way to a barren wasteland. The Bone Wastes surround the halls of Auchindoun, and are haunted by the vengeful ghosts of Draenei who suffered at the hands of the Orcs long ago…

Nagrand – To the west of Terokkar Forest and the south of Zangarmarsh lie the rolling plains of Nagrand. It is the ancestral home of the Orcs from long ago… today, though, multiple factions fight over the area, from the Warmaul Ogres to the Murkblood Broken to the Mag’har Orcs.

Garadar – The main home of the Mag’har clan of Orcs in Nagrand, and a refuge for all those displaced by the advances of the Murkblood and Warmaul tribes. The main Horde quest hub in the zone.

Telaar – The main Alliance hub in Nagrand, and a city affiliated with a clan of Broken Draenei.

Halaa – A research station in the middle of Nagrand, highly prized by both Horde and Alliance. Battle is waged constantly over this valuable mesa in the middle of a deep ravine, and faction control is disputed daily. Though beautiful and picturesque, Halaa is a war zone.

Aeris Point – The Ethereals of the Consortium have their own outpost just Southwest of Halaa, as they prepare to start mining operations on Oshu’gun, the largest known diamond in the universe.

Throne of the Elements – Far to the north of Nagrand, a quartet of Elemental Furies and Shamans of the Earthen Ring quietly make efforts to keep the elements in balance. They’ve surely got some tasks for adventurers…

Nesingwary’s Safari – Big Game Hunter extraordinare, Hemet Nesingwary, decides to leave responsibility for his Stranglethorn expedition in the hands of his son. He’s got bigger and more dangerous game to hunt on the plains of Nagrand!

Laughing Skull Ruins – Once inhabited by the fierce Laughing Skull clan, these ruins have since been claimed by the Warmaul tribe of Ogres. Some mention a vicious fight club operating in the Ruins, but you’d have to brave the Ogres to get to it!

Dungeon Crawling:

Hellfire Citadel – An instance in Hellfire Peninsula, where the Burning Legion is using the blood of Magtheridon to create new Fel Orcs. There are three 5-man wings to Hellfire Citadel: The Ramparts (59-62), the Blood Furnace (60-63), the Shattered Halls (69-70). There is also a 25-man level 70 raid, Magtheridon’s Lair. Abbreviated “HFC”.

The Ramparts – Hellfire Citadel’s first line of defense against invasion, and the first wing of the dungeon. Suited for adventurers level 59-62. Abbreviated “HFR” or “Ramparts.”

Blood Furnace – Deeper within the bowels of Hellfire Citadel, the Blood Furnace is where the Burning Legion manufactures its Fel Orcs using the blood of Magtheridon, the Pit Lord chained deep below the fortress. Suited for adventurers level 60-63. Abbreviated “BF” or “Furnace.”

Shattered Halls – The command center of Hellfire Citadel, and the inner sanctum of Kargath Bladefist, who has named himself Warchief of the Fel Horde. Only the strong will survive these hellish corridors. Suited for adventurers level 69-70. Abbreviated “Halls.”

Magtheridon’s Lair – The final wing of Hellfire Citadel. Deep beneath the fortress, the Pit Lord Magtheridon lies chained. The Burning Legion is using his blood to create an army of Fel Orcs… put an end to this operation permanently by cutting off the source. Twenty-five brave souls face down Magtheridon himself… level 70s only, of course.

Coilfang Reservoir – A winged instance in Zangarmarsh. The Naga under Lady Vashj are siphoning Zangarmarsh dry… but for what purpose? There are three 5-man wings to Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens (61-64), The Underbog (62-65), the Steam Vaults (69-70), and a 25-man level 70 raid, Serpentshrine Cavern. Abbreviated “CFR.”

Slave Pens – The Naga taskmasters drive their slaves hard at the urging of their wicked Lady, but the reason is unknown. If you cannot free the slaves, perhaps you’ll have to end their misery. Suited for adventurers level 61-64. Abbreviated “Pens.”

The Underbog – The giant underbog stretches out beneath Zangarmarsh, and Vashj’s vicious lieutenants carry out their mistress’ dark work. Stop them. Suited for adventurers level 62-65.

The Steam Vaults – The final 5-man wing of Coilfang Reservoir. Suited for levels 69-70 only. Abbreviated “Vaults.”

Serpentshrine Cavern – Lady Vashj’s sanctum, and a 25-man raid instance for level 70 characters. Make your way through the labyrinthine tunnels, dealing with powerful minions of the Naga… and maybe battle Vashj herself.

Auchindoun A winged instance in Terokkar Forest, right in the middle of the Bone Wastes. Once a Orc fortress, it was destroyed in the Second War. Soon afterwards, nefarious magics being practiced in the empty halls caused the ruins to explode, decimating the surrounding area. There are four 5-man wings in Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts (64-67), Mana-Tombs (65-68), the Sethekk Halls (66-69) and the Shadow Labyrinth (69-70).

Auchenai Crypts – The first dungeon in Auchindoun, these once-hallowed halls are now filled with angry Draenei spirits eager to take their wrath upon the living. Suited for adventurers level 64-67. Abbreviated “Crypts.”

Mana-Tombs – A rogue group of Ethereals has claimed the artifacts within the Mana-Tombs as their own. Eliminate them with extreme prejudice. Suited for adventurers level 65-68. Abbreviated “Tombs.”

Sethekk Halls – Proclaiming himself to be the ancient hero Terokk, one of the Arakkoa bird-men has taken the Sethekk Halls for himself and his followers, and will crush anybody who dares to challenge him. Suited for adventurers levels 66-69. Abbreviated “Halls.” (Just be sure to clarify whether it’s this one or the Shattered Halls)

Shadow Labyrinth – The horrors of Auchindoun lurk within. Only the bravest dare enter the depths of the Shadow Labyrinth… suited for adventurers levels 69-70. Abbreviated “Shadow Lab.”

Caverns of Time – The Bronze Dragonflight keeps the flow of time running correctly in these sacred halls under the watch of Nozdormu, the Timeless One. An unknown force is meddling with the flow of time, though… and it falls to adventurers to preserve the past! There are three wings currently in the Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde Keep (66-69), Opening of the Dark Portal (69-70), and Battle of Mount Hyjal, a 25-man raid instance. Abbreviated “CoT.”

Escape from Durnholde Keep – Return to Hillsbrad 7 years in the past to aid the young Thrall in his escape from his Human masters so that the Orc can fulfill his destiny. Suited for adventurers level 66-69.

Opening of the Dark Portal – The sorcerer Medivh opened the Dark Portal and brought ruin and war to Azeroth. Nevertheless, time must be preserved-protect him while he accomplishes this fateful deed from those who would destroy the present! Suited for adventurers level 69-70.

Battle of Mount Hyjal – Four years ago, the mortal races of Azeroth banded together against the might of Archimonde and the Burning Legion. Gather an army and make sure that history repeats itself. Level 70 only.

People and Factions:

Thrallmar / Honor Hold – Gained by questing in Hellfire Peninsula as well as killing enemies in Hellfire Citadel.

Cenarion Refuge – Gained by questing in Zangarmarsh as well as killing in Coilfang Reservoir. Many mobs in Zangarmarsh will drop Unidentified Plant Parts, and you can turn these in 20 at a time for Reputation.

Sporeggar – Gained from doing Sporeggar quests, as well as killing Bog Lords in the Spawning Vale (and certain types of enemies in Coilfang Reservoir). There are also Mature Spore Sacs in the Spawning Vale, and turning 10 of them in to an NPC to the immediate East of the Vale will boost your reputation. There are various repeatable quests for Sporeggar rep.

Sha’dar – The Naaru controlling Shattrath City. It is unknown how you increase your faction standing with them.

Aldor – The Draenei faction in Shattrath City. They have various quests to increase your standing with them. Gaining reputation with the Aldor will cause you to lose favor with the Scryers.

Scryers – The Blood Elf faction in Shattrath City. There are various quests to increase your faction standing with them. Gaining reputation with the Scryers will cause you to lose favor with the Aldor.

The Consortium – A business syndicate of Ethereals out for a profit. There are various quests in Nagrand at Aeris Point to increase your reputation with the Consortium. Killing enemies in the Mana-Tombs also increases your faction standing.

Mag’Har – A tribe of uncorrupted brown Orcs, and the heritage of the Warchief. Increase your faction standing by doing quests in Garadar (as well as the few quests in Hellfire Peninsula) as well as killing Murkblood Broken and various Ogres throughout Nagrand.

(To Be Updated as we learn more…!)

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