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World Of Warcraft: The Draenei Looks


I set out to create Caolinn, who was to be a female Draenei, with a little concern. I’m not a fan of playing an “ugly” character. I have to look at this chick a lot, so it’s nice to not be repulsed every time I look at her. So, after having heard that the Draenei were “ugly monster things,” I naturally was not looking forward to it.

However, when I got into character creation, I found that the Draenei were obviously a very proud race, and carried themselves very well. This always improves one’s appearance, so things were looking up. I proceeded to choose a priest and started picking skin color and face styles.

I’ve played a couple of trolls, and so found the skin color selection very familiar, as it ranged from pale blue-green to blue to an almost soft violet color. The hair colors, however, were not quite so festive as the Trolls, with many “normal” hair colors as choices. When I got to the styles, I was also pleasantly surprised that they weren’t a bunch of spikey, freaky looks. In fact, some were downright adorable – pigtails?

I ended up going with a fresh-from-the-salon, vaguely vampy, dark brown head of hair, nicely accented with a pair of large upcurved horns. And I made sure to choose a face style that kept the face noodles to a minimum. Nice.


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