The WoW token can be bought from the in-game Blizzard store for $20 USD.

The WoW Token is an exciting new feature for World of Warcraft that finally allows both particularly enterprising gamers to turn their in-game gold investments into game time, and time-pressed gamers with money to burn to turn real-world money into gold. Announced last month but without a release date, Blizzard has finally revealed that it will go live… tomorrow!

First, why don’t you check out the informative video walk-through Blizzard has provided to the right of this post.

For a brief summary: The WoW Token will be going live in the Americas region (North America, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand) on April 7 when maintenance concludes, at approximately 10 a.m. PDT. It will set you back $20 USD/$25 AUD from the in-game Shop, and will be set at a starting price of 30,000 gold in the Auction House across the Americas region.

However, that 30,000 gold figure will fluctuate with player demand. “Simply put, if more WoW Tokens are being listed than are being purchased, the price will automatically drift downward over time. If people are purchasing Tokens from the Auction House faster than they’re being put up for sale, then prices will go up accordingly,” explained Blizzard

Furthermore, you’ll only be able to purchase 10 tokens within a 30-day period, to limit players’ ability to completely flood the market.

Source: Blizzard

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