XBLA Indie Game Tries to Help You Talk to Girls


A new XBLA indie game aims to help men work on their conversation skills with women.

Ever wondered how to talk to girls without sweating profusely and making them hate your guts in the process? Well, you’re not in luck, because Don’t B Nervous Talking 2 Girls (a title that feels like it should have an “lol” in it) won’t help with that at all. The Xbox Live Arcade Indie title does, however, have an amusing concept behind it.

The goal of the game is to get 20-ish year old valley girl Jessica’s phone number in various locations across the town. You are graded by how long it takes, and a certain average grade is required to enter new locations. Gameplay is very simple, often requiring the player to choose the correct of two choices. If you get it wrong, you try again.

Things to get somewhat more “complicated” when you get to know Jessica better. For example, when I met her in the library and eventually broke down her tough exterior, she needed help with her math homework. She asked me a real stumper (*spoiler warning*): 4+7-1×7. Apparently, she’s in the third grade, but I’m going to guess she’s been held back for a decade or so and the game developers aren’t asking you to do anything illegal. I got it right, and I then had five seconds to memorize her phone number. Questions did get harder later on in the coffee shop, where I had to figure out the birthstone for the month of May.

Don’t B Nervous Talking 2 Girls is only $1, but after trying the demo there doesn’t seem to be much gameplay in it. To some, it may be worth $1 just to ogle at the girl, but not really for me. Try the demo to see if it’s for you, as long as you don’t expect to actually gain any female conversation skills. For those, you may have to consult something that isn’t a videogame.

(Via: Siliconera)

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