Xbox Live Video Marketplace Is Online


The Xbox Live Video Marketplace has launched, offering HD movie rentals for up to $6 US and TV shows for for up to $3 US.

Xbox 360 owners can now access the Video Marketplace on Xbox Live, offering both HD and SD movies and TV shows. New release 720p HD movies such as V For Vendetta can be rented for 480 MS points ($6) while the 480p version costs 320 MS points ($4). Classic movies like Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan are $4.50 and $3 respectively. All movies will give you 24 hours to watch the film once you play it for the first time.

TV shows are a bit cheaper and once purchased, the buyer “owns” them and may re-download anytime they wish. 720p HD shows will cost $3 per episode while the 480p shows will cost $2 per episode. Among them you’ll find CSI, South Park, Adult Swim, Chappelle Show and original Star Trek episodes.

In comparison, iTunes offers TV show downloads for $1.99 US to video iPods.

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