Xbox One Controller Gets Unofficial PC Gaming Support

This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Emulation finally brings Xbox One controller to PC gamers.

Even as a card-carrying member of the PC Gaming Master Race, I recognize that some games and genres are better played with a controller. The Xbox 360 controller has long been to go-to for PC players who need a gamepad, but it looks like the Xbox One controller is finally on its way as a viable alternative.

Lucas Assis (via Kotaku) has released the unofficial (meaning not approved by Microsoft) first version of his Xbox One controller workaround. The step-by-step video above offers detailed instructions on the software process, which involves installing a few different (free, open source, ad-free) programs. “…this was developed on under a day,” says Assis, “I’m releasing due to a high number of people asking for it. It works, and it works great, but it’s not really that easy to install.”

So the more adventurous crowd should check out the workaround, which involves mapping keyboard keys to the One controller via emulation software. The more timid gamers should…well let’s be honest, you’re not going to wreck your Windows installation if you screw up a step, so you should try it, too.

You can download the software workaround here.

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