Xbox One Includes a Headset After All

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An Xbox One unboxing video shows that both the standard and “day one” edition of the console comes with a headset.

Microsoft previously announced that if you wanted to fight back against the twelve-year-olds insinuating they slept with your mother on Xbox Live, you’d have to shell out an additional fee for the Xbox One headset. It now seems that Microsoft, which has earned quite the reputation for “backpedaling” has once again changed its mind on this one, with Microsoft’s Major Nelson announcing in an unboxing video that a headset is included with both the standard and “Day One” edition of the console.

Exclusive to the Day One edition, which is only available in limited quantities to day one buyers, is a commemorative controller with a chrome D-pad instead of the Standard Edition’s regular controller, special packaging, and a code for a special “Day One achievement”.

The Standard and Day One bundles, which will both set you back $500, include the new Kinect, HDMI cable, power supply, and Quick Start guide. You’ll even get an Xbox One sticker to show your Microsoft pride. It is worth noting that the Xbox 360’s notorious “power brick” is still here in full force.

Last month, Microsoft revealed some prices for some additional Xbox accessories you may want to pick up for your console. The Headset was given a $25 price tag, but given that it now appears to be included with the console, you’ll only really need to pick one up if you break or lose yours. Additional controllers will set you back $60, or $75 if you want a rechargeable battery pack, and a one-year subscription to Xbox Live will cost $60.

Source: YouTube

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