Xbox One Twitch Streaming Arrives Same Day As Titanfall


Xbox One users will be able to use Twitch to broadcast gameplay on March 11.

The updated Twitch app for Xbox One arrives on March 11, the release date of Titanfall, Twitch announced today. With broadcasting, the app will also have chat, following, and notification functionality.

Some Twitch features, such as stream watching and clip recording have been available since launch for Xbox One, but the updated app for the console will include full broadcasting capability, a feature the PS4 already has. It’s no coincidence that the Xbox One will gain broadcasting features in time for Titanfall.

Twitch will work with the Xbox One’s Kinect. Users can instantly begin a live broadcast of their game by saying, “Xbox, Broadcast.” Broadcasters can also reposition the webcam picture-in-picture in any corner of the screen and invite friends into a private party from the chat stream to voice chat outside of the broadcast. Xbox One’s Twitch app will have 10 lines in the chat stream, and viewers can choose their name color and post emoticons. Furthermore, the Xbox One Twitch app will archive broadcasts.

“Over the last two years, we have seen the broadcasting and spectating of video games go from a niche activity to a pastime shared by millions,” Twitch founder and CEO Emmett Shear said. “As the experience grows in popularity, it’s important to provide as broad a feature set as possible for the community. Microsoft has done just that by rolling out the most robust console integration of Twitch to date and setting a new bar for others to strive for.”

We can expect plenty of live broadcasts of Titanfall come March 11. Twitch has exploded into popularity for the shared experience of games, and it’s going to keep growing with the Xbox One.

Source: Twitch, Xbox Wire

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