Xbox Series S Will Only Play Xbox One S Versions of Backwards-Compatible Games

It has been confirmed that Xbox Series S will only play Xbox One S versions of backwards-compatible games, lacking Xbox One X enhancements.

According to Microsoft’s statement to GameSpew, Xbox Series S is designed to play next-generation games at 1440P resolutions at 60 FPS. In order for the Series S to provide the most consistent performance, the backwards-compatible games will be handled like on Xbox One S. However, they will still have improved texture filtering, higher frame rates, faster load times, and auto HDR.

Windows Central clarified that games need to be “built and targeted specifically towards the Xbox Series S architecture.” Digital Foundry also noted that Xbox Series S actually has less RAM than the current generation’s Xbox One X, with 10 GB vs 12 GB, respectively. As a result, that means backwards-compatible games on the Series S will have to run based on their Xbox One S versions and will not offer 4K resolution.

The Xbox Series S design was leaked earlier this week, and Microsoft confirmed its existence shortly after, as well as the system’s price point. Additionally, Microsoft also announced the price point for its more powerful, standard next-generation console, the Xbox Series X.

Both of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, will release on Nov 10.

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