image is auctioning off the Xbox 360 the team used to reach Level 15 prestige in Black Ops and donating the proceeds to Child’s Play.

When Call of Duty: Black Ops was released in November, a group of gamers from decided to do something a little different. They played the multiplayer component continuously as soon as the servers were available until they reached the highest achievement possible: Level 15 in the Prestige mode. Not unlike LRR’s Desert Bus, the Machinima guys took four hour shifts and streamed video of them playing live so that the masses could see the dedication in their glazed over eyes. It took 26 days, and the stream logged over 5 million views over that time, but the Level 15 was reached, and they all could get some sleep. Not ready to let the achievement go to waste, Rob Smith from Machinima got everyone who participated in the event to sign the custom-plated Xbox 360 they used to get that far and he is selling it on Ebay. So far, the bidding is up to $14,500 and Smith says that he will donate all of the money earned from the auction to Child’s Play.

There’s only about a day and 4 hours left on the auction. If you want to grab a neat videogame artifact, as well as the official Astro Gaming headset that was used by the players during the event, you better head over to the auction page now and drop down a bid.

Hey, if you have a spare $15 grand, why not pick up a Publisher’s Club subscription here at The Escapist for only $20? Right now, we’re donating half of the proceeds of each subscription to the same charity as Machinima’s custom Xbox. It all goes to benefit Child’s Play, which provides children’s hospitals with games and consoles to ease the medical treatment for kids all over the world.

With the holidays ringing bells on every street corner, what better time is there to help kids play some games?

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