E3 2015

Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer, Gallery, and Release Date


The open-world RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to the West in time for the holidays.

The announcement that the massive sci-fi RPG from Monolith Soft would be coming to the West this year was made during the Nintendo E3 2015 conference on Tuesday. Xenoblade Chronicles X released in Japan on April 29, but will be making its way overseas for the Wii U December 4.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is the spiritual successor to Xenoblade Chronicles. Check out the trailer and image gallery, and let us know what you think!

From the press release: “Amid an intergalactic war between aliens and human survivors, players fight for survival while exploring the massive expanses of an unknown planet. Weaponized mechs called “Skells” let players access every location they see. Players also can customize a lethal skill set of combat and defensive skills, called Arts, to strengthen their strategies and defeat enemies efficiently. The game launches Dec. 4.”

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