You Can Now Explore Some of The Old Republic For Free


A new Star Wars: The Old Republic trial allows players to reach level 15 without spending a dime.

Today, Star Wars: The Old Republic introduced a new free trial that lets players create characters in any class and lightsaber their way up to level 15. The promotion is open to players who’ve participated in one of the game’s free weekends or used a buddy code, but not players with canceled or lapsed subscriptions. There’s no time limit, and no payment method is required to sign up for the trial.

So how much content can you get through in fifteen levels? Assuming you keep the grinding to a bare minimum (and avoid PVP), you should be able to explore your classes’ Origin world and at least get a peek at your faction capital before the trial ends. Free players can also participate in PVP warzones, where they will be instantly murdered by rocket-spewing Bounty Hunters.

While some of you will be quick to claim this as a portent of the impending free-to-play apocalypse, lengthy free trials like this one aren’t unusual amongst subscription-based MMOs.

Source: SWTOR

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