You Can Unlock Unlimited Healing in The Surge With This Implant Combo

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There’s never enough healing items to go around in The Surge — so if you’re hurting for healing and need more HP while exploring or taking on bosses, here’s a helpful combination of implants you can use to stay alive longer.

In this particularly case, we’re talking about the Medi-Voltaic Injection implant. This implant can be acquired in the very first area of the game, and allows you to heal using energy. It isn’t a traditional consumable, instead you’ll exchange energy for health.

The tricky part is getting enough energy to make this implant useful. Below, we’ll talk about which implants you’ll want to equip to get the most out of the Medi-Voltaic Injection implant.

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To supplement your limited supply of Vital Injection and Plasmic Regenerator consumables, you can also equip a very powerful (and easy to get) implant called the Medi-Voltaic Injection. Unlike other consumables, this one never runs out of juice. Rather, you can only use it after collecting the required amount of energy.

If only energy didn’t decay so quickly! Energy is a tough-to-manage resource, because you can only earn it when you land attacks on enemies. After building up energy, it quickly dissipates if you don’t use it to activate drone abilities or finishers.

There are a few ways to get lots of energy and make the Medi-Voltaic Injection a more viable healing solution. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

Recommended Implants

  • Medi-Voltaic Injection (Heal w/ Energy)
  • Sustaining Array (Slows Energy Decay)
  • Voltaic Dynamo (Plus Energy Gain)
  • Rig Capacitor (Store Excess Energy)

These four implants, when used in conjunction, effectively grant an unlimited supply of healing items. They don’t heal as much as Vital Injections, so you’ll always want to keep a few of those, but if you’re exploring, sometimes these small dosages of healing can make-or-break your efforts.

Here’s what makes these additional implants so worthwhile; the Sustaining Array implant slows energy decay, meaning the energy you collect will stick around much longer. Very, very useful for boss fights or healing during a battle.

The Voltaic Dynamo increases how much energy you gain per attack. That means you’ll have to land fewer attacks to gain more energy, and heal more often.

Finally, the Rig Capacitor makes everything easier because it will actually store 20%-40% of your energy meter. That’s right, those percentages, depending on the power of your implant, will not decay.

You won’t need all three extra implants to make the Medi-Voltaic Injection useful, but any two used in conjunction help so much. It’s pulled me out of more than a few tricky situations.

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