Your First Look at Modern Warfare 2‘s Multiplayer

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Infinity Ward has revealed the first footage of Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer mode, showcasing a new feature they’re calling “customized killstreaks.”

Since when do game developers reveal the absurd collector’s edition(s) of a game before even unveiling something as significant as the multiplayer modes for said game? Especially considering this is the sequel to one of the most popular online multiplayer games this generation, I think we should really be angry about this.

Though, I guess we can’t really be mad now because Infinity Ward has just revealed the first footage of the multiplayer portion of the Modern Warfare 2 recipe for success, and it’s pretty impressive. It’s a bit short on info, though: the main thing to take away (I’m sure you guys will notice dozens more things than this) is the addition of what Infinity Ward calls “customized killstreaks” which allow you to “unlock and personalize your killstreak loadout.”

The trailer shows an “Unlock Killstreak” screen with a single available icon for the AC-130, a gunship that you can “be the gunner” of after you’ve earned a killstreak of 11. Seems that the way it works is you unlock different rewards for different killstreaks, and then choose which ones to bring into battle.

The video then cuts to some footage of multiplayer gunfights showing off all the beautiful explosions and chaos Infinity Ward’s engine can produce, and then to a view from the gunner of the AC-130 in what looks essentially like the black-and-white bomber view from the “Death from Above” mission in the first Modern Warfare. So, you basically get to live out that mission as much as you want…in multiplayer. Excited yet?

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