YouTube Singer Performs Incredible One-Man Disney Movie


In case Disney is looking for singers for its next animated musical, one YouTube musician could provide the voices for the entire cast.

This is something that falls into that category of “not really related to our geek/gamer/tech-centric focus, but too awesome not to write about.” Besides, it’s a good bet that many – if not most – of us grew up on Disney movies, right? Right.

The video you see here to the right is the work of Nick Pitera, a Pixar employee who loves Disney movies and who loves to post videos of himself singing on YouTube. It’s a fully arranged medley in which Pitera sings all the parts in a number of classic Disney songs. He starts as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, switches to Aladdin, and then jumps right into “Be Prepared” from The Lion King – and that’s just the start.

Not only is Pitera a phenomenal singer with one hell of a vocal range, and not only is this a great medley of some fantastic Disney tunes, but the video is also really fun to watch. It’s very well-edited, with excellent interactions between his various “characters” as he sings.

“Since I was 5 I have dreamt of voicing a [Disney] character myself, and this is me doing my best to pay homage to a few of my favorites,” writes Pitera on the YouTube description. Frankly, I think that if Disney had that sort of talent already in its offices (well, at Pixar) and didn’t use it? They’d be shooting themselves in the foot.

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