Zombie Holdout: Kinect’s First Zombie Game


Pixel Ninja Games has crafted the first zombie survival game that uses Kinect to put a gun in each hand.

If you can’t get behind Kinect, fine. If you can’t get behind Kinect plus zombies, as seen in Pixel Ninja Games’ Zombie Holdout, there might be something wrong with you.

Right now, Zombie Holdout is only a tech demo, hence why it looks a little rough. The basic idea is pretty simple: Defend your stronghold from zombies with a gun in each hand.

Kinect is used so that players can aim with their arms and shoot by moving their arms forward, with laser pointers that give you a better idea of what you’re aiming at. Zombies approach from all angles and try to chop down your defenses with axes.

It’s a neat tech demo that Pixel Ninja plans to release on the PC (not the Xbox 360) for free on March 7. Zombie Holdout is one of the studio’s ongoing projects, but isn’t a main focus right now. If the idea is expanded upon it could be a decent little title for Kinect users that want to get a little zombie blood under their fingernails.

Source: Pixel Ninja, via Joystiq

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