A zombie grunting a song while riding shotgun in a purple smart car with spikes on it – yep, that’s Saints Row: The Third.

I’m cautiously excited for Volition’s latest jaunt into the absurd crime-world of Stilwater. According to Justin Clouse who played it last month, the crazy game lets you have even more fun with the silly stuff you do in between the story missions. The customization of the player character has always been a tenet of the series, and there are options a-plenty in The Third, including the option to have your voice be a zombie. Now we get to hear the zombie in game as he sings a few bars of Sublime’s What I Got with his buddy as they deck out their car in the latest video released by Volition.

As we discussed in the Escapist podcast recently, why would you ever choose anything else but the zombie voice? I was skeptical at first, but after hearing his lovely rendition of a 90s ska-punk hit, I think I’m sold.

Saints Row: The Third comes out on November 15th in North America on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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