Zombies Infect Google Earth with Sony’s The Last Guy


In an effort to aggressively pimp its upcoming Playstation Network titles, Sony is offering a playable web demo of The Last Guy, a top-down zombie survival game.

With the Playstation Network’s software shaping up as one of the system’s most exciting online features, Sony’s internal development studios continue to develop quality content for the download store.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s latest PSN announcement, The Last Guy tells the story of a mysterious purple space ray that zombifies everyone outside in the daylight. The player is “The Last Guy”, a Himalayan mountain man who is slowly turning into a zombie as he rescues civilians hiding from the laser and infected humans.

The real-world scenery used for the game’s levels is from fourteen cities, including Tokyo and New York City. Images were taken from Google Earth’s satellite and retooled to work with the game design, placing people in buildings and using parks as “Escape Zones” for rescued pedestrians.

Although Japan already received its release, anxious North American and European players can demo the game at its Japanese site. Rather than use actual cities, this free stripped-down remake operates on any website. Not as a widget, but on the actual site. By entering the URL of most websites into the textbox on the homepage, LastGuy will load the site, place people underneath boxes, forms and images on the site and let players lead their woodsman through the website’s blank space to save civilians while avoiding generated zombie armies.

The controls for the web version of The Last Guy are:

  • Mouse: Move The Last Guy
  • Dash: Click and hold left mouse button
  • Crowd people together: This move helps avoid zombies, and is activated with the C key
  • Heat Vision/Thermography: Press and hold the space key to make zombies disappear
  • Zoom: Mouse scroll wheel

Source: Playstation Blog, MTV Multiplayer Blog

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