zTime (Danger Noodles!) Lands on Steam Early Access with VR Support


Hazardous Software has dropped their newest game, zTime (Danger Noodles!) on Steam Early Access, giving players a chance to see what’s it’s like to have precognition.

Earlier this week, an interesting new game hit Steam Early Access. zTime (Danger Noodles!) is an action survival game from Hazardous Software, the developer of the 2011 time travel RTS Achron.

zTime (Danger Noodles!) tasks players to navigate mazes filled with obstacles and enemies. You can see your path (and the paths of your enemies) a few seconds into the future, and you can use that information to plot your route.

zTime (Danger Noodles!) is currently available on Steam Early Access and is scheduled for a full release in Q1 of 2017. You can find more information on the game on its official site.

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