Unsents Sanctuary

Chapter 1: The Untold Legacy


He rode in on a horse. That was all that could be told by most. Others could only describe the horse which they said had a black coat and a brilliant white mane. They say it had a razor sharp horn its head and even sharper bright red eyes that pierced thru your very conciousness. Night after night this vigilante protector would stalk the city of Darkhen. The few who witnessed him atop their rooftops said he looked like he was waiting for something what it was the people didnt know and they couldnt understand his purpose in the city of Darkhen, he appeared and then dissappeared as if never there. The only ones who have seen him up close were his victims, the very souls that he had seen tormenting the villagers of Darkhen, and they were in no apparent condition to tell us what he looked like, they were either taking the long dirt nap or had gazed into the the piercing eyes of his brilliant horse, Evette, and had become psychologically damaged. It is legend, more legend than fact that, when he prepared his final killing blow that his horse would glow, the brightest blue glow ever before seen, and that the horses eyes went white and she summoned all the clouds together. when this happened lightning struck the horse and stood up on her hind legs she then became full armor for her master and friend. Then as the armor fitted itself to his body the head of the horse became a helmet which placed itself on the head of him in which the horn remained electricity surging through it. The only remaining part was the spine which turned into a double pointed ivory staff. he then performed “Final Judgement” which was indeed your final judgement bacause seeing it meant your life. But of course this as i said is legend and some say blasphemous to speak of. Regardless I will leave my record of this of this amazing deity of power, who watched over the city and possibly the world ever searching for something to complete him and possibly let him rest. I foresee a need for this man in the distant future prehaps that is what he is waiting for. Whatever his cause i hope and pray that he may be there when he is needed to protect the people. Our Protector, Shuyin Stryfe.

As Told in Account by
Amarin The Seer March 5th 1432 AD

“What do you think about this Jafe?”
“I dont know what to make of it Komi, i mean it was written almost 500 years ago. Personally i dont believe this whole fairy tale of an all powerful Deity protector.”
“Yah well all the same ima hole on to this here paper. *shrugs* it might come in handy”
“Alright well lets go before n e one finds us in this tomb. pretty soon Caniph’s halliet goons will be after us. ill tell ya one thing Komi,…”
“whats that?”
“If this guy is real i think right about now would be agood time for him to show up.”
“You got that right my friend, you got that right.”

End Chapter 1

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