Unsents Sanctuary

Chapter 2: New Beginnings


The year is 2031. Amarin the Seer has been dead for 599 years. March 7th, 2032 is but three months away, this is the 600th anniversary of the day that she died, the day that i failed. Why after 600 years am i still wandering this land? Day in and day out I relive the fateful night that she left this plane and doomed me to an eternity of being alone. Without her noone knows my existence. One day Caniph will pay for what he did, by the power of my blade he will feel my vengance.
“Hurry up Komi! the entrance to the town is close now.”
“Aw. *puff* *huff*, lets rest awhile weve been traveling for almost six hours.”
“No if we slow down anymore the halliets will catch up with us and we dont have the strength to fight right now”
“Just a minute Jafe” *sits*
“NO!! Get up you ignorant wretch! Oh No. (in a very grave tone) They come.”
“Alright, ere we go!”
“Brace yourself two halliets approach and fast, let me handle the flying one, you take care of the fire elemental.”
“I can take care of em’ wit a swift magic”
“Well my sai will do the job just as well.”
Battle ensues
“Yah we did it!”
“Yeah so lets bolt afore eres more!”
It is in the slums of Darkhen that we find these two weary adventurers. Tired from battle they retreat to Ageless Sanctuary. A shady, seedy lil joint in the back street alleyways of Darkhen. The name promises much but in fact is headquarters to an underground haven to the best mercenaries, thieves and many others you would not like to come in contact with. This is one of the few places untouched by Caniph’s goons and a place where the proprietor remains supreme. Our friends Jafe and Komi are lackeys for the proprietor bringing info that may prove to bring down Caniph.

Komi: Yah’ there were five or six halliets after us. I showed em’ whos who up in here y’no what i mean?
*Komi continues too beguile the crowd but we peer into a convo with Jafe and the proprietor*
Jafe: All we found in the old temple was some old nunchaku, a staff, and a blade which looks to belong to a dagger of some sort probably to customize weapons. Oh yah and this paper *slides the account of Amarin over*
???: Hmm. quite a find here ive heard of his exploits before but it was all merely legend though. Yet….(long pause) this seems to be believable. Keep the junk but i want you and Komi to take a bag of Kenri Nutz and go find him, I feel he may be closer than we think. Those nutz should provide you sufficient health and energy to find him. DO not return without him.
Jafe: you’re not serious are you? (komi in background “oh jafe he just hid in the corner) I mean this man may not even exist, even if he did what makes you believe he lives?
???: Just do it already
Jafe: what was that!
???: The door!
*the door slowly opens a heavily cloaked figure stained in blood with bright silver eyes shimmering falls to the floor.*
End chapter 2

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