Unsents Sanctuary

Chapter 4: UnKnown Known


We last left our story in the Ageless Sanctuary where the innkeeper who we now know as Blaze was speaking with a man who has information about the death of Amarin the Seer. Now we will know his name let us continue.

???- Now to continue my story i must tell you my name that way you do not become confused. My name is . . . . . . . Shuyin Stryfe.

Blaze- I knew it i knew you were still……. wait how are you still alive???

Shuyin- You see Amarin before she died performed her magic unto me making me live for 600 years her curse as i put it lasted only until the 600 year anniversary of her death. That is 3 months away and that is why these wounds are like this my immortality is fading i am becoming mortal.

Blaze- So why did she do it?

Shuyin- my best assumption is that she wants me to get even with Caniph for murdering her. Unfortuneatly i have been unable to ind him and my time is running out. i have steered away from asking for help but i came upon something i could not face trying to climb MT Noche earlier so i came back here to see if maybe you could help and i passed out.

Blaze- you must let me help you find Caniph.

Shuyin- you are very brave but i cannot allow it you see what happened to Amarin and she was very powerful but he overthrew her. i am afraid even i am no match for him but i must try. that night i had encountered him but i failed to protect Amarin. in the battle my blade was shattered by his strength and they ransacked my home. i have been without a decent weapon for ages.

Blaze- well is there anyway i can help you?

Shuyin- i need a guide someoone who knows the mountains very well and someone adept with a weapon there are beasts up there even i dont wish to face.

Blaze- my men Komi and Jafe can assist you they are on errand now and they should return shortly, i told them not to return until they found what it was they were looking for but they are unreliable at best so i expect them to return soon. what is it you seek on the mountain?

Shuyin- i am after the blade up there it is told that a blade of magnificent power resides atop Mt Noche and so i wish to wield it and destroy Caniph for good.

Blaze- well i know its not much but i have a rusty katana here that can get you up the mountain. while we wait i will fix it up for you get you a proper case and all.

Shuyin- you are very kind. I am in your debt.

Blaze- your welcome but you can repay me by freeing Darkhen of Caniph and his goons.

Komi- Ey! Lets go back we’ll tell er’ we found him buried some 6 feet underground and he aint comin back.

Jafe- No! you fool if we do that she will see right thru us.

Komi- Oh well i am goin back come wit me or not
***begins to walk away***

Jafe- wait! im comin tooo!!!
*** they turn away and walk back to Darkhen***

Shuyin- its been an hour already are you sure they will be back??

Blaze- yes yes patience patience they will return.

#as if responding to her words Komi and JAfe walk thru the doors and head to the back#

Blaze- (in a hushed tone) dont say anything. (in normal tone) so i thought i told you not to return without him where is he???

Komi- Boss he is dead i believe we found his gravesite.

Jafe- yah boss thats how it happened.

Blaze – o really well i notice you two have lost your manners you havent even said hello to our guest here……

K & J – Hello Mr….

Blaze- Shuyin Stryfe.

* Komi and Jafe get very pale looks upon their faces and begin to whimper lightly.*
Komi- sorry boss really i am but we didnt think he would be around so we took a chance and returned….

Blaze- Silence! nevertheless it is indeed good you have returned, do you have the Kenri nutz??? quick give me one. Her Shuyin eat this your strength will be replenished.

*Shuyin takes the nut and chews a lil bit then feeling his strength returning he gets to his feet.*

Shuyin- wow this feel great i never felt better.

Blaze- they are my own concoction made right here in the ageless sanctuary. now komi, jafe you two will accompany Shuyin up to Mt Noche and help him gain the Sword that lays atop its summit.

Shuyin- rest up boys We leave at dawn.
*mutual groans from Komi and Jafe*

And so begins the adventure of the hero, The girl, and the two Lackeys.

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