Facebook Poll Teases Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Localization


Level 5, the developer responsible for the Professor Layton series, wants to know which of its Japan-only games Western gamers want the most.

They’re using a poll on their official Facebook page find out.

There are two Professor Layton titles in the poll; Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, and Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright, the former of which will most likely get a full localization regardless. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is the clear leader so far, beating out titles like ,Ni No Kuni and two iterations of popular soccer game, Inazuma Elven, amongst others.

A tweet by one of the Level 5 developers stresses that the poll isn’t being used to make any official decisions, at least not just yet. However, it does come hot on the heels of Level 5 opening its first “International American” office in Santa Monica. The office will be used to both localize and release Japanese developed Level 5 games as well as develop original titles for western audiences.

Regardless, there’s still one day left to make your voice heard and naturally you’re going to go vote for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. Why? Because if you don’t, I will murder you. That’s why.

Source: n-europe

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