From Dust Delayed on PC


The PC version of From Dust has been pushed back into August.

Here are three reasons why you should care about From Dust. One, it’s a “spiritual successor” to Populous, the late-80s Bullfrog classic created by Peter Molyneux, back when he was still cool. Two, it’s designed by Eric Chahi, who carved up his own slice of videogame immortality with the stirring 1991 epic Another World. Three, just look at that freakin’ video! If that doesn’t get your juices flowing you might as well leave this news post right now.

Sadly, if you’re a mouse-and-keyboard sort, you’re going to have to wait a little while longer to lead your people to salvation. Ubisoft revealed yesterday that the PC edition of the game will not be out until August 17, although why it’s been pushed back remains a mystery.

The good news is that the Xbox 360 version of From Dust is still on schedule and will arrive on XBLA tomorrow, July 27. A release for the PlayStation 3 is planned for sometime later this year.

Source: Joystiq

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