Homefront Has a 5-Hour Campaign. Sort of.


Yes, Homefront has a short campaign, but only if you’re a really good player.

Recently, reports hit the Web that Homefront‘s main campaign was only about five hours long, which meant that rumors started to spin out of control and a lot of judgment was being leveled towards the game. Kaos Studios, the game’s developer, wasn’t too happy about this, and has now gone on record to defend Homefront‘s campaign length.

Apparently, Kaos’s play test sessions showed that some folks were able to grind through the shooter in roughly five hours or so. However, these were “really expert players.” For everybody else, the game is about the same length as other, competing, FPS titles.

Kaos Studios General Manager David Votypka spoke to Eurogamer about the campaign: “We’ve done a lot of focus testing on the game. We’ve seen really expert players race through it pretty quickly – five hours, a little less. We’ve seen players take eight to 10 hours to play it. So it’s a range, there. It depends who you ask.

“Where there’s a lot of game time in the multiplayer, the single-player doesn’t tend to be 12, 15, 20 hours long. The Mass Effects, those types of games where it’s all about the single-player, then they put all their time and content into that.”

So, from the sound of things, the game’s single-player story may still be a relatively satisfying experience for those of us who aren’t hardcore FPS players. Provided, you know, that the game is actually any good. I guess we’ll have to see if the campaign and multiplayer modes add up to a solid overall title when it’s released next week.

Source: Eurogamer

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