Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down: Minecraft Meets Left 4 Dead


Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down isn’t just the most clever title in recent memory, it’s also the moniker for an astonishing recreation of Valve’s zombie shooter in the blocky world of Minecraft.

“Someone made a Left 4 Dead level for Minecraft?” I hear you snort derisively. “So, what? They made a couple blocky zombies and a gun or two?”

Rein in that cynicism partner. You obviously don’t understand just how detailed this recreation is. I will direct your attention to the trailer embedded to the right.

Ignore the French text that only a handful of you can read. Instead, focus on the atmospheric darkness, the oppressive loneliness and the ruination of a recognizable, if blocky, American metropolis. That couldn’t be more Left 4 Dead if Gabe Newell was waiting at the end to offer players cake and lies thereof.

Perhaps the cinematic take on this isn’t your style. How about a nearly 10-minute playthrough of Mine 4 Dead courtesy a (presumably) unaffiliated gamer? That exists also:

Those of you now sharing my sense of awe, and itching to bust caps in the direction of geometric undead can find full details on Mine 4 Dead on the Minecraft forums. Creator Bananafone31 has written an appropriately well-detailed guide to her creation, alongside a full walkthrough of how prospective zombie hunters can get this thing running at home.

Now I have a question for you Minecraft players: Given the scope of creative work in place here, and the overall quality of the resulting game, which is more impressive, Mine 4 Dead or that Legend of Zelda modification that appeared a few months back?

Update: As it turns out, Bananafone31, the creator of Mine 4 Dead, is a woman. We apologize for our gender confusion, and have corrected the above text to reflect her correct chromosomal orientation.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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