Ouya Already Has a Limited Edition

| 2 Aug 2012 13:37

Ouya announces a last-minute offer and a new VEVO partnership for launch-day music content.

With 6 days left to go in Ouya's Kickstarter campaign, the company is making moves to attract last minute contributors to the console's development. It has recently issued a statement revealing a "last week of Kickstarter" special edition console, as well as a new partnership with music website VEVO.

The Limited Edition Ouya, personally color-coordinated by Yves Behar, is available for backers who pledge more than $140 to the project. Contributors who decide to stretch their $99 donation a little further to "cover the small production run" will receive a dark brown Ouya and matching controller, as well as any previous awards from earlier contributions.

Ouya also announced the formation of a partnership with VEVO to provide Ouya with high-definition music videos for the console's launch. Michael Cerda, SVP of Product of Technology at VEVO, says that the Ouya is "a natural fit" for VEVO's music programs.

"Through this partnership, we will bring our rich catalogue of over 50,000 high definition music videos and new, original programming from more than 11,000 artists to OUYA's groundbreaking new gaming console," Cerda said. "We support and share OUYA's vision that the future lies in being open and accessible for users looking for high quality entertainment experiences."

Ouya's Kickstarter has cleared 48,000 backers to date, and has pulled in a total of more than $6 million in contributions. The console's release date is planned for March 2013.

Source: Kickstarter

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