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A Starfield Player Shows Off How the Game’s Physics Handle a Ridiculous Number of Potatoes

Starfield art, but with the world Starfield replaced with Taters

Players have been putting Starfield, Bethesda’s space action-RPG, to the test, uncovering all sorts of oddities along the way. We’ve had seven hour long journeys to Pluto, spacesuits being sneaked out of display cases and much more. But Reddit user Moozipan’s starch-based shenanigans have absolutely blown our minds, showing off just how the physics in Starfield handles a ton of potatoes.

As spotted by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Moozipan crammed a ludicrous number of potatoes into his Starfield ship and then yanked open the door, just to see what happened. And.. the potatoes all tumble out, just like you’d expect potatoes to. That might not sound that amazing – cool, maybe, but if you’ve tackled any of Bethesda’s previous titles you’ll recognise what an achievement this is.

There must be thousands upon thousands of taters crammed into the ship (who knows what UC’s scans make of that), but they don’t twang into the air, they don’t clip through the floor or through each other, they just roll. There’s no visible slowdown at all and it’s both satisfying and aesthetically pleasing to watch. Previously, players have taken great pleasure in spawning multiple objects, just to watch Bethesda’s Creation Engine (and Creation Engine 2) stutter and, in some cases, grind to a near halt. It’s cheese wheels, not dragons, that are the real threat to Skyrim.

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Time To Let Something Go
by u/Moozipan in Starfield

But Starfield?  We’ve watched this clip again and again and again and we can’t detect a single frame (or potato) out of place. As Todd Howard might put it, it just works. We also tip our hat to NPC Sarah Morgan for remaining nonchalant throughout this whole affair. If it was us we’d have been making a break for the airlock, afraid of the kind of madman we’d signed up with. Who knows, maybe she finds such behaviour a-peel-ing.

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