Pre-Reg for Outsourcing Summit Ends Tomorrow


CMP Media’s continuing series GDC FOCUS ON: will continue August 14th with the Game Outsourcing Summit held in LA, offering publishers and developers the main facets of outsourcing.

The conference will be keynoted by THQ’s Corporate Vice President of Operations-Product Development, Shiraz Akmal. In his keynote address titled, “Outsourcing: The Next Stage of Evolution in Game Development,” Akmal will explore the evolution of game development and discuss how the industry has shifted to converge on a distributed approach. He will also highlight the benefits of outsourcing and share insights on how globalization is helping to raise the bar leading to better games.

Other speakers include OutsourceReport’s Jonathan Hales reports on the “Geography of Outsourcing,” Dhruva Interactive’s Rajesh Rao says “When Does It Work, Where Does It Fail? A Postmortem,” Babel Media’s Ben Wibberley asks “How Does it Work, and How to Implement it?” Atari’s Paul Steed will paint the picture of “Knowing When to Outsource: A Publisher’s Perspective,” 7 Studio’s Lewis Peterson presents “Do-It-Yourself: Growing Your Own Outsourcing Group,” Midway’s Justin Muir will address “The 21st Century Art Director,” and Sony Online Entertainment’s Chris Lena and Joe Shoopack will discuss “Anatomy of an Outsourcing Deal.”

GDC Focus On: Game Outsourcing Summit will be held at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott.

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