Quantum Error, a Horror FPS, Announced for PlayStation 5 TeamKill Media

The PlayStation ecosystem is getting a new title in the form of Lovecraftian FPS Quantum Error, coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. TeamKill Media officially unveiled the project earlier today with an atmospheric teaser. An opening voice-over talks about the course of human advancement over time, before the video cuts to mock gameplay.

Rather than moment-to-moment action, the trailer focuses on mood. The space is claustrophobic and the sound design unsettling, as barely seen creatures scuttle and scrape through the semi-darkness. The trailer concludes with some brief shots of gunfire amidst the darkness and eerie wails of a swarm of enemies. However, given the work-in-progress nature of the project, this footage is not indicative of the final gameplay.

The opening cinematic notes that Quantum Error takes place early in the 2100s, but beyond that vague hint, the only concrete detail is that it is being billed as “a cosmic-horror first-person shooter.”

The PlayStation branding at the end of the Quantum Error trailer indicates it could be a Sony exclusive.

TeamKill Media was previously responsible for Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris, a dark fantasy survival-horror game that launched on PlayStation 4 last month and PC late last year. Stay tuned for more PlayStation 5 game reveals in the coming months.

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