So when do we get the Final Fantasy?


While enjoying sushi and Caesar salads at the Square-Enix press event on Monday, I was waiting to see what the big news was on titles from Square-Enix for the future. Well you will never believe what is coming! First on the list was just more abuse on the Final Fantasy VII franchise. They got mobile FF7, they have FF7 for the Nintendo DS, they have combat in the name of FF7 games and if that wasn’t enough they just released Final Fantasy Advent Children on DVD. Caring on with another piece of sushi we are shown more ways they can exploit the name of Final Fantasy with “finally” bringing the Final Fantasy III game to the Western World. Now don’t forget they have already made it up to Final Fantasy VII, so we are going to go back in time and technology and bring FF3 Nintendo DS.

Well by this time, I have gone through the last of my sushi and polished off my soda. We have seen the Final Fantasy Crystal series, the Mana series, and it is time for the big announcement. Can you wait? Yep. It is what we have all been waiting for! Final Fantasy XIII! But wait you don’t get just one Final Fantasy VIII title, you get 3 titles. One for the mobile and two for the Sony PS3. They get to be wrapped in a nice little package called Fabula Nova Crystallis.

So when we will ever get to the end of Final Fantasy?

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