Suicide Squad Annihilates Box Office Record

Suicide Squad Box Office #1

Suicide Squad slays the August box office record held by Guardians of the Galaxy.

Despite middling reviews, Suicide Squad topped the box office this past weekend, easily breaking the previous record for an August opening weekend. It grossed $133.7 million, almost $40 million more than the previous record holder, Guardians of the Galaxy. This is in spite of a Friday-to-Saturday drop over 40%. That’s an unexpectedly big opening for Warner Bros., which has to be more than pleased.

Jason Bourne dropped over 60% in its second week of release, grossing $22.4 million. That’s a larger drop than Star Trek Beyond‘s second week, although Bourne’s budget was significantly lower. Speaking of Star Trek, Beyond dropped another 58.58% to fifth place, raking in only $10 million. With (so far) disappointing international grosses, and well lower than expected domestic takes, Beyond is looking like a certified bomb.

The other wide release of the weekend was the Kevin Spacey cat movie, Nine Lives. It made an estimated $6.3 million over the weekend, which still feels like too much to me, but probably not enough for its studio, especially given its reported $30 million budget.

Here is the top ten for the weekend:

1. Suicide Squad ($133.7 million, week 1)
2. Jason Bourne ($22.4 million, week 2)
3. Bad Moms ($14 million, week 2)
4. The Secret Life of Pets ($11.5 million, week 5)
5. Star Trek Beyond ($10 million, week 3)
6. Nine Lives ($6.3 million, week 1)
7. Lights Out ($6 million, week 3)
8. Nerve ($4.9 million, week 2)
9. Ghostbusters ($4.7 million, week 4)
10. Ice Age: Collision Course ($4.3 million, week 3)

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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