The Walking Dead: 400 Days – 5 Characters, 1 Episode


Telltale’s masterpiece is just as good as ever. A spoiler free preview!


I’m not really going to tell you much about 400 Days, DLC for Season One of the award-winning The Walking Dead. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of of a preview, but I don’t want to spoil anything about the story, the five new characters featured, or how their fates might (or might not) intersect with those of the survivors we already know. Here’s the simplest version of what you need to know: If you played The Waking Dead, you will want to get 400 Days when it comes out in July.

I could legitimately end this preview right there, but here are a few more particulars in case you’re still unsure. A truck stop on a highway in Georgia features prominently in 400 Days, as five different characters find themselves there at one point or another during the 13 or so months from day one of the zombie outbreak to day 400. Your actions in Season One will impact your playthrough of 400 Days, and the decisions you make in the DLC will in turn influence Season Two, so while you could use 400 Days as your jumping off point for The Walking Dead, you probably wouldn’t want to.

The DLC features five brand new characters – Shel, Bonnie, Wyatt, Russel, and Vince (no, this isn’t about Clementine) – with individual stories that you can play in any order. Each story takes place at a different point in the timeline, though you won’t know exactly where until you start playing. All combined, the five tales equal about one full episode from Season One, lengthwise, and the gameplay hasn’t changed. You’ll still have to make tough decisions about what to say, who to save, and how to not get eaten by the undead.

The only other thing I will tell you is that 400 Days will be coming out in July for 360, PS3, PC, and iPad, and then in August will be out on Vita, along with Season One in its entirety.

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