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I would like to pose a question and that question is simple yet it is also the hardest to answer. that question is Why.

Why do people choose to hurt they ones that they say they love?, Why do people feel that they can justify anything and everything with physical actions or verbal bashings?, Why do people have the need in which to spoil theirs or others good names?, Why is it that people have the guts to shun the ones that are there for them when they are needed most?, Why do people think they can hurt the innocent children in the middle of their arguments or Fights?

These questions burn inside me like a the burning hot intensity of a thousand white hot suns. i tell you this friends because we have all been there, the abusive boyfriend, the alcoholic parent, the drug addict down the street or any variation of the above. we have all been there and we all know what it feels like to get hurt and to hurt the ones close to us. we also know that regardless of our actions there are innocents in the way who are at risk of getting hurt because of our idiotic actions. i feel that these heinous acts must stop. people who feel the need to raise their fists in ager to any member of the human race have no compassion for any one individual. i feel the need to adress this situation due to extenuating circumstances that i have just been a witness to. i feel that when we lose our ability to think reasonably or the ability to show compassion we are no longer human but something less of a human less than a dog less than scum. and i will probrably tire you out by saying this but i feel that the ones who get hurt the most are the innocents caught in the crossfire. the children we love and care fore are the ones who suffer the most and when this happens i break down and weep for them. i am not a religous person but when i do need the help or see others in need of help i will step forth and pray, for i believe that thru prayer many things can be relived. your anger depression and aggression will disintigrate to nothing thru prayer. but i will say this again that we should not show agression towards other human beings or for that matter animals as well. there are too many people out there that choose to strike fear instead of show compassion when that is what all people really need. it pains me to say that at times i feel that i must intervene and break up a brawl, but thru fear i stay out and watch as the innocent get hurt. i dont believe myself to be a saint i have my faults but i work at it and i wish to one day attain these goals i set forth. well i will finish this column by saying please stay the course and dont stray for when we stray we are led to darker thoughts.

Thank You,
One love always and forever
Orlando O. Monrroy

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