This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Demon’s Souls.

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Friends, I have an awkwardly titled monkey on my back that has been stealing my peanuts for many years, a monkey named Demon’s Souls. Ever since my Dark Souls epiphany when I realised I love From Software’s grim high difficulty action RPGs hurt me more daddy, the monkey keeps asking if I’m going to redo my pre-epiphany Demon’s Souls review where I complain about how it’s too hard and my feet hurt and the waitress was very disrespectful. And I keep replying I can’t because it was a PS3 exclusive and the last time I saw my PS3 it was around the neck of Ride to Hell Retribution as it broke surface one last desperate time. But now Demon’s Souls has been remade for the PS5 and my editor finally sold enough of his organs to get me one so I have now played Demon’s Souls again. And finished it, to my own surprise. There were a couple of hard bits where progress stalled but eventually I realised that this was before From Software figured out how to counteract the all-purpose Dark Souls strategy, i.e., roll behind them when they attack and administer a violent suppository. So do you like Demon Souls more than you did the first time, Yahtzee? Certainly do! Do you also see why Dark Souls was the more popular one? Certainly do that as well!


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