This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

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Again January’s looking about as lively as a wrap party at an EA acquisition, so again this provides a lovely opportunity to put a certain device on my head and escape to a wonderful land far from the troubles of reality. No, I’m not talking about hanging myself, but checking in on the world of VR. How’s life in the tech nerd ivory tower, you plumbed in the bidets yet? The latest addition to triple-A dabblings in the VR space is Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. A fantastical alternate history game about how Germany somehow gets taken over by a fascist government and a coalition of Western powers form an ideological alliance to stop their aggressive expansion across Europe. Coh, what an imagination those fellas at Respawn Entertainment have. Imagine a first world power actually engaging in war for ideological reasons and not because they can use it to divert money to some of their cunt friends. Yeah, it’s a World War 2 shooter, which would normally interest me as much as an envelope licking simulator but hey, VR probably could make an envelope licking simulator interesting if it could somehow conjure up a tongue-based control system that wasn’t completely horrifying.


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