Rare stuff you own

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Now if you mean Rare to other people I do have a Bruce Lee signed Jeet Kune Do gi that my Uncle got when he trained for his 3rd black belt under Bruce Lee. It's pretty awesome.

If it doesn't have to be rare to anyone else, my family has eight pieces of the Berlin Wall that my grandmother and her siblings drew on when the wall went up. Now it has no real value to anyone else, but it's amazingly rare to find the piece of the wall that your own family had doodled on like 40 years later.

I have a copy of the Absolute Watchmen edition which is rare relative to me living in New Zealand. They are incredibly expensive to get on online stores but miraculously I found one for ridiculously cheap, new as well, on a second-hand site. I also plan to get the Ultimate Cut of Watchmen to complete my collection. Now that, is pretty damn hard to come by.



I see I've enlightened a few people here today xD. Believe it or not, they are pretty valuable. Most of the time you will see the later generations being re-sold but having the first sets, sealed as well!, is quite a rarity indeed.

I don't know if it's that rare but it does seem difficult to get at the very least.

I have the Platinum Complete Collection of Neon Genesis Evangelion which includes all the original series episodes including the directors cuts, all wrapped up in an awesome Platinum box with artwork of two of the characters on it.

I have many of the early Bionicles, Lego franchise, which are pretty hard to get nowadays. I'm talking about the very first ones as well, the original Toa's.

Wait those are rare?!
I used to have all of the first ones and second ones, and I had the first white one twice, and one day I just grabbed all of my legos[1] and gave them away to a neighbour, no real reason I just felt like they were clutter, which is odd as I still used them.

[1] Of which I had a TON, they were pretty much my favourite toy and all the ones they got for my 3 other siblings were pretty much mine.

I have something from every major United States war. (Not counting the recent wars in the middle east)

I also have a SNES with about 8 games.

I have a Q action figure from startreck
but that's only rare because no one wants it

Apart from some old currency, my rarest item is most probably my Arkham Asylum T-shirt which they neatly folded and packaged into a batarang shape. It was just too cool looking to open up.

According to my friends and a guy on the first page my working launch day Xbox 360 is rare. I have a limited edition Halo 2 but I have no idea how rare it is. I do however have my Sega Genesis still working. Its probably not that rare but it is the only one I have ever seen and was made before I was born.

Here's my entry in every thread like this.


Limited Numbered Remastered Edition of Gundam Wing.
Mine's 0057, which I find amusing because that number is relevant to Gundam 00.

I also have some rare megazords since I collect them.

I have a piece of fulgurite that my dad dug up in our back yard when I was a kid

This only kinda counts seeing as it was my parents .. but when I was younger I remember them having a collection of first edition Alexandre Dumas books, but we had to sell them when we needed money. Made a pretty penny I believe.

Managed to snag this when I went to Software Etc. to buy the game when it released, holy crap this is old now! I was only a kid then and had to borrow money from my family to afford it. Spent all summer mowing lawns to repay that debt, worth every penny. This thing is so rare I haven't even seen them sold online, until just recently, and the few I spotted on ebay were all counterfeit. Mine is actually authentic (incensed and everything).

Not anything that special... I guess I have some old newspapers like a moon-landing and stuff. The rarest thing I own is actual probably my diploma. A college education is still more rare then it should be.

I have one of these.


It's still in it's plastic, but doesn't have a box. I have no idea what card is inside it.

I own a small new Zealand child. Does that count?

Queen Michael:
I've got a copy of the book "Once More* With Footnotes," a Terry Pratchett book that'll set you back hundreds of dollars if you want a copy of your own. What rare stuff do you have? It could be anything, as long as it's hard to get.

This. image

I think it counts as "rare" =D

i have a unique set of dna. yeah...damn.

I have non-Greatest Hits copies of all three PS2 Kingdom Hearts titles, which according to Rarity Guide are pretty rare/collectible. Somehow.

I've also got a first-run copy of Klay World: Off the Table. You can still get the movie from the Benfer, but it's a re-release with redone commentary.

Other than some limited edition game stuff, I don't really have many rarities that I know of.

I've got:

My giant plush Luigi is apparently the only of its kind in the world; I've never seen or heard of one anywhere else, so no picture available... I've also got a set of Beatles 'Help!' statues that I've never seen another one of (and can't find a picture of to show) so guess they're pretty rare. Also a buttload of LEGO, most of which is out of production.

I've got a few Magic cards that are pretty rare... No Alpha Black Lotus, by any stretch, but still a few things here and there.

I have a script from the Firefly episode "Bushwhacked" signed by all nine crew members. It is...precious to me.

Other than that, I imagine I have some baseball cards that are at least fairly uncommon. I haven't looked at them in more than ten years, but I know I had a couple cards worth some money back then.

I have a good as new (literally) copy of the 1992 Australian release of Nirvana's Hormoaning EP on CD.

15,000 copies were made. 4,000 on burgundy 12" vinyl, 10,000 on CD, and 1,000 on cassette.

I'm guessing there won't be many perfect condition examples left seeing as it is a 20 year old CD.

I have something from every major United States war. (Not counting the recent wars in the middle east)

I also have a SNES with about 8 games.

Is that a memento from the great SEGA/Nintendo war of our time?

EDIT: Double post.

I have a lot of long sold out metal albums on vinyl that are limited to 500 copies or less (nothings that's worth over 200$ though).
But besides that and the occasional comic book that has gone out of print in the last 10 years I don't really have anything that's rare.

All I've really got is some old currency- Polish and Greek coins that I don't know why I keep.
I do keep one of the polish ones on hand for coin flipping, though.

I also have a 30cm tall statue of a certain character, which probably isn't as rare as I want to believe, but it was sure as hell expensive.

EDIT: After some quick research, I've learned that two of my GBA games are pretty rare- Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow, of the same series. The original carts are becoming rather rare, it seems.

I have many of the early Bionicles, Lego franchise, which are pretty hard to get nowadays. I'm talking about the very first ones as well, the original Toa's.

Same here well I only own Lewa and Pohato and many of the Green and Brown toys. To make things more unique, the ball arm joint on Pohatu had been shape to one side (like as if someone nudge the ball during the cooling process) where it suppose to be in the middle!)

Technically this belong to my bro but I/ we still kept hold of the Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Snes) tinbox. Granted he had lost the badge that came with it and it is mostly rusted.

I almost forgot, of all the G1 Transformers toys I've kept, I still got Grimlock and Sixshot! Again both of which are not in good condition (Grimlock lost a tooth, I lost both Sixshot guns and their colours and stickers are worn down).

I just remember I bought this Pokemon Card binder which contain of the Jhoto starters and its evolve forms and they were also shiny and I think it's in Chinese or Japanese (I bought it on the Airport in China before we head back homr).

When the hell they are going to make a Generation (modern) version of Sixshot, preferable a voyager class?

I have a £5 coin from the Queens Golden Jubilee which is pretty rare, I also own a few Sega Saturn games which are kinda rare like the first Panzer Dragoon.

I'm cool enough to have the first-edition vinyl release of Meshuggah's debut Contradictions Collapse, and it's signed by two of the band members. Tomas Haake said that even he didn't have one of those! Aww yeh.

Also, I've a PAL release of Suikoden II, which goes for monstrous sums on online auction sites.

And my nose is probably pretty unique!

I only have a 1973 Kruger Rand ? Duno if that counts as rare but it should count as expensive I suppose.... Not much else apart from some old currency :P

I bought a copy of the "legend of Zelda: ocerena of time, master quest" for gamecube on amazon a few years back. It is a version of the game with the puzzles rearranged into new, harder puzzles, and was only available with a pre-order of "wind waker". Not sure if it is rare but I am proud that I own it.

I have a few things:

A signed copy of "making money" by Terry Pratchett
The first edition of Andersen's Fairy tales with illustrations by W. Heath Robinson
Conker's bad fur day for n64

I have a Crash Bandicoot bobblehead that was given at Best Buy if you Pre-ordered Wrath of Cortex. Only 7,500 were made. I would like to think that only about 6,000 remain. I have rare games that are expensive but not REALLY rare. Although I'm thinking about getting a copy of the Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

it's a bit off a copout, but I doubt that alot of people have the book Structured Electronic Design. Because unless your doing that course there is absolutly no reason to buy that.

For some reason, when I saw the title I instantly said out-loud: "My legs - no-one else has them." I've never done that before...what did this thread do to my brain?

OT: I have all my old Pokemon Cards, it turns out, in my attic somewhere. I know I have a couple of rare ones there, which will have only gotten rarer as time goes on: no-one will top my Jungle Flareon!

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