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revisit ridiculousness and absurd story of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney from Capcom and Level-5 on Nintendo 3DS, 2 sequel necessary on Nintendo
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Resident Evil 4 village siege best parts most memorable and dynamic action
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The game Forspoken takes its dialogue writing and speaking cues from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so if you like the latter, it's all the same.
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Dead Space planet cracking horror
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Squad-based action game Aliens: Dark Descent from Tindalos Interactive has a sanity mechanic, and its implementation could be make or break.
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XCOM franchise sequel should incorporate Julian Gollop Chaos: The Battle of Wizards Illusion Disbelieve magic combat strategic gameplay mechanics with holograms
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safety webs mean you cannot kill people in marvels spider-man 2 insomniac games
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next new Warhammer 40000 40K video game should explore living horror nightmare of Dreadnoughts Games Workshop, maybe with Henry Cavill
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Vampire Survivors is like Gauntlet in epic awesome shoot em up top-down fantasy action
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The Callisto Protocol Makes Corporate Hegemony Personal United Jupiter Company UJC evil corporate lawlessness corporation


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