How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know I particularly like reaction avatar changes.
For example I changed to this one to be mad at Thesilenman.

I know I don't usually do that.

I know it's not for everyone.

I know that everyone changing their avy makes me want to change mine now >.>

I know that if she did it, it wouldn't be the first time I caused her to change her avatar >_>
I have a feeling the grammar on this post is awful.

I know that I just went with an old one because I don't feel like getting a new one <.<

I know that this whole situation seems awfully familiar, last time there was bubblegum though.

I know that I really like that one too >.> You keep making me want to change <.<

I know she's so very indecisive.

I know that I like their title, I find them very approving.

I know that as much as I like the bubblegum girl, your current one matches mine quite well.
Seriously, look at them, they're quite similar.

I know Topaz has long since earned a few stern looks :)

I know Night Angel probably has too...

I know they haven't?

I know she's probably drinking coffee right now. =P

I know that he's completely right there >.>

I know there is no shock value to many of Shock's posts :P

I know there's a trilogy of books named after you.

I know she took part in topaz's 1000th post wins thread.

I know that he was once a clownshroom cloud.

I know I'm always meaning to talk to them more.

I know that I feel flattered by that sentiment.

I know he is now a Pokemon!

I know he likes crushing cans. The poor cans...

Not very much, in fact, I have no idea why I even post in this thread.

I know he's a little lost here.

I know that he's always lost. Or never lost. Either or.

I know that Samus is now their avatar

And she's eying those beer mugs >.>

I know that Samus looks angry at the mugs.

I know... ooh, Pokemon!

I know that you should catch it.

I know that I like that avatar.

I know everyone should like that avatar =P

I know he needs some avatar diversity =P

I know that he needs some avatar subject diversity as well. :-P

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