How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he thinks I have no sense of humor.

...I pity that fool.

I know I should have killed him ages ago...

I know they know too much

I know he uses generic responses for stuff.

The shame.

I know they think they know everything, but they don't. It's only a facade, to hide from everyone the shame of being raised by MOOSE!

I know my parents are actually hilariously short.

I know that her stepdad was being a dick the other day...<.<

I know all dads are dicks to some extent... >.>

I know that my dad is pretty awesome...<.<

I know they have a dad, and that a non-zero number of people think he's awesome...

I know he's making wild guesses at this point.

I know he'll appreciate my wild guess that he likes wild guesses...

I know he doesn't know that for certain.

I know that the above person posts in the forum games thread a lot.

I know he is pretty new to the site.

He's a veteran on the Escapist.

I know he's a scrub.

I know that he's gone through many an avatar...<.<

I know he hasn't changed his for a very long time >.>

I know he likes fire,

I know he'd prefer not to be on fire.

I know FIRE! =D

I know welcomes are in order.

The wisest words I can give you are; Blame Kross and stay away from the basement.

I know you just welcomed a potential spambot >.>

I know you judge fools.

I know you judge me! D=

I know he fears judgement.

I know they know I'm down.

I know that they know that I know what they know that I know what they know. >.>

I know that they are an excellent source of hugs.

I know he'd feel better over some zombie shooting. :P

I know that zombies are people too...<.<

I know that them being dead makes them not count.

I know that they've been arguing over what constitutes as dead.

I know that people die when they are killed...

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