How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know she loves her job a lot. >.>

I know they're approved by Shock. I don't know why, but still.

I know that my job is the best job.

I know they get a headache from reading backwards writing.

I know he can't think of anything about me that someone would approve of.

I know that if shock approves than there must be a good reason...<.<

I know he can play a string instrument :P.

I know that there's proof of this on the internet...<.<

I know what he looks like.

So do I.

I know that he has seen things.

I know that they've changed their avatar today.

I know that I haven't seen them change their avatar in a while.

I know hers is different every time I see her.

I know I remembered to list you in the "Name as many Escapists as you can" thread.

I know I'm not posting in that thread, because my terrible memory will let a lot of people down

I know that I'm not posting in that thread for the same reason.

I know that I didn't know that thread existed.
I know that I won't participate.

I know that I put some people on here on the list. Not all of them since I couldn't remember their usernames but I do remember them! just not their username >.>'

I know that he has a lot of ways to die.

I know they've changed their avatar twice this weekend

I know that I can't be bothered to remember other people's screen names unless they're the people I talk to a lot.
Of which there are like... 2.

I know I can remember a few people but not all, I was surprised at how well I did regardless XD

I know they really like the Elder Scroll series.
I know I know absolutely nothing about them :P

I know I'm a ninja, and not a very interesting ninja at that XD

I know that he's a mediocre ninja.
You said it first.

I know that I liked their old name more even though I cannot remember it.

They also had a couple avatars I have loved. Cool person and (along with ShockValue) are the most familiar faces to me on Forum Games when I return from my extended leaves.

Me and Stompy are besties. Look at how good friends we are, being forum friends and stuff. Hi besty!

Seen him around. That is all.

I know that I always love their avatars, and that I like their username even though I don't understand it. :3

I know that they often post in the MLP chat group.

I know you're also in the MLP group.

I know the same can be said.

I know the same can be said about you. :p

I know she's in the Injustice League.

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