If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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*Falls over*

YUS! *picks up and cuddles*


*gives cake* You like cake, don't you? Sure you do, everybody likes cakes. What kind of cake do you want? Oh, not that one? Let me get another one. Would you like some tea with that? <3 (I really should stop giving cakes to everyone that magically appear in my bed like that... What if someone's allergic to chocolate/milk/other random ingredient in some of the cakes? :O)

Most excellent. o.o

*more cuddles*

Cuddles? :S *throws cake*

Wait a minute... How do my avatar even throw cakes? And how the hell do you cuddle it? <.<

Tut tut.

@Para: Hmm....
*imagines kitty*
゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
Yay =^_^=

Da'www. That's adorable! ^-^

Like you. O.O *pats head* :D

*Blushes and pushes against your hand*

^-^ 'tis the truth. Don't you deny it! o.o

*ruffles hair* :3


*bakes you cookies* :o


what's the sound koala-bears make?

what's the sound koala-bears make?

It's sort of... how do I describe it... I actually can't. :o

Youtube ahoy!

@para: not really a possibility at the moment, unfortunately...

@Stee: Aw, that sucks. 3:

@para: tell me about it...
hopefully, everything will be back normal either today or tomorrow...

@Stee: That's great to hear! :D

Poor Stee... Here, have a cheer-up cake. *gives Stee a cheer-up cake*

Anyhow, Para, when will you get out of my bed? I have stuff to do, damn it! (not really. Or, well, I do, but I won't do it anyway. Which is bad, since I kinda have to if I don't want to fail EVERY SINGLE CLASS I'M TAKING IN SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!!! Ahem. Sorry for that.)




Cake me? You don't even know me.

@jlml: thanks for the cake mate, I needed it...

@xmbts: you dont have to know someone to cake him nowadays, get with the times daddio! *proceeds to cake xmbts*

Bah, I don't want to be caked by just anybody. I have class!

please, as if taking economics 101 means you cant be caked!

@steeple *cuddles*

@xmbts *cuddles*

-pushes this through the door and leaves it in the middle of the room to play-

Sing along everyone ^_^
But if you don't know the words... Leave -3-

@lazy I know the song but not the words...in fact I think I have that song in my itunes...do i still have to leave?

@april: *receives cuddle reluctantly, while grumbling the entire time*

@lazy: *leaves*

@Lazy: *leaves*

*returns* oh it's still on? ok *leaves*

*trots back in* Huh. Seems like it! *leaves*

@April: =D

Finally feeling a bit more awake.

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