If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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*resurrects Ankara, gives Irn Bru, tells to run away*

*drags Ankera to the panic room wearing my HEV suit*

@Steppin Razor: *Drops Anvil on head.* Anvils for the anvil throne!

@mal ...i see
@over *pins to the wall with a knife* what did i tell you about waking me up?

@Ankara: :o

Oh I had some Irn Bru today, tastes faintly of bubblegum. o.o

@April: *Slips out of shirt and breaks the wall around your knife. Puts knife in dish washer and hands it back to you after it's clean*

@Xim: You lied! My world imploded!

@Xmbts: Hehe, you like?

*rolls over with a head pounding headache*


God I feel sick right now.

@over O_o ! My knives aren't suppose to be clean in a dishwasher...you...you...you ruined it! *runs off and cries*

Uh oh... *takes april's knife, restores the temper, reoils handle, touches upto a razor sharp edge, gives back*

@April *Laughs gleefully at April's tears and runs after her with a cup for catch said tears for a refreshing drink.* Come back! I'm sorry!!! *Lies*

@Mal: Such a gentleman. Tea, sir? *Offers a cup of salty tears tea.*

@over: Nah, I'm more of a coffee man, myself. *sips from cup of coffee... mixed with Baily's Irish Creme... and Dr Vanillacuddy*

@mal awww you're such a sweetheart! *pounces and cuddles*
@over NEVER

@April: Eeep!

D'awww... *cuddles back*

@Over: You called me a lying guy.

So pff!

*Flips more kitty free tables*

@Ankara: It's good. o.o

@xmbts: ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) Chill out bro...

why is it that whenever i feel like posting in this thread everyone leaves?

@Xim: Sorry. But you told me that you didn't move the furniture around. *Kowtows for forgiveness*

@April: Sorry. *Kowtows for forgiveness as well.

@Mal: Sorry for punching you in the head. *Hand Shake!*

@Ankara: Sorry for thinking of eating your bwains... delicious tasty bwains. *Licks lips thinking about Ankara's bwains.*

@Cryogeist: I don't know you but I'm sorry too.

@over: Apology accepted! *returns... hang shake...*

For some reason, I have a feeling that's gonna come back to bite me...

Hes certainly was a free man

@Mal: What on earth would give you that idea. I'm a reformed man. I swear!!!

Goodnight, I will sleep with this bear hat on.
*plots down the silly bear hat and sleeps*

@Xmbts: Hehe


*Pets teh kitteh cat...*


*Purrs quietly*


*Rubs stomach...*

*Passes out...*

@Sac: *Cuddles*

@Ankara: *pounce cuddles*

@Mal *Hat tip*

@over: O_O

*tips hat*

-smashes window-
The air felt like a prisoner inside here. :3



Pretty much.

@Sex: Yay! ^_^
An amazing success would be if I smashed all the windows... :3

*nudges hammer closer*

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