Excuse me...

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Excuse me, they are over in that aid station. Watch out for the bandits though.

Excuse me but I raided the aid station about a month ago. <.<

Excuse me, this isn't helping and I'm still bleeding.

Excuse me, use my t-shirt... *tears off t-shirt and makes a bandage for Topaz* *covers pathetically unmanly body and runs away* lalalala

Excuse me but everyone is pathetically mortal though.

I hope that helps. <.<

Excuse me, but I am eating a bowl of Corn Flakes! With a hint of human soul!

Excuse me but I'm hungry! And you just made my hungrier!...er.

Now, I am eating dinner, Cabannera Pasta! It is delicious!

Excuse me, is something burning???

Excuse me but that's your ego. @.@

Monstrously so. It's taking everything in its path! @_@

Excuse me, but I appear to be on fire.
Excuse me again as I run around flailing my arms since I'm on fire.

Excuse me but you're excused. Kindly continue with this curious exercise. o.o

Excuse me but FUWA FUWA.

Excuse me but that's just silly.

Excuse me but you're silly.

Excuse me, but Magneto has a curly mustache.

Excuse me, but there is a naked man behind you...

Excuse me but that's a mannequin! Silly Tiz.

Excuse me, but mannequins are people too!

Excuse me but not everything can have rights you know! D:

Excuse me, mannequins have more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart! If she can have rights, so can mannequins!

Excuse me but one is a celebrity, recognized everywhere; while the other is a blank face preset.

Hint: The other is Kristen.

Excuse me, but I wanna be like Lee Van Cleef.

Excuse me but that's a dream we all can share in peace.


Excuse me... but again? Really?

Excuse me, you have made that comment on every thread so far :D

Excuse me... but I'm in disbelief. Such a young life... taken away so quickly.

Excuse me, do you need a shoulder to cry on?? I think you'll find mine too cold though >.>

Excuse me, but my hand tastes like oranges.

Excuse me, I have to return some... videotapes.

Excuse me, what's with the suspicious... pause?

Excuse me, but ready to kick some ass?

Excuse me, I need to put on my ass-kicking shoes first...

Excuse me, those don't look comfortable.

Excuse me, you seem to be blinking at an alarming rate, do you perhaps need some eye-drops?

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