Excuse me...

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Excuse me, you have made that comment on every thread so far :D

Excuse me, do you need a shoulder to cry on?? I think you'll find mine too cold though >.>

Excuse me, but my hand tastes like oranges.

Excuse me, I have to return some... videotapes.

Excuse me, what's with the suspicious... pause?

Excuse me, but ready to kick some ass?

Excuse me, I need to put on my ass-kicking shoes first...

Excuse me, those don't look comfortable.

Excuse me, you seem to be blinking at an alarming rate, do you perhaps need some eye-drops?

Excuse me I wonder how I got here from ANOTHER DAMN Country! Geez how much money have I got to go home. X_X

Excuse me but I blew up that Yacht as I rowed into it...sorry.

EXCUSE ME *snipes The Night Angel* alright then, shall we remove those bandages so you get back to bleeding? *removes bandages from Topaz*, oh it healed, dammit

Excuse me, but I must be off to go to an exam! fare thee well for now.

Excuse me, I have returned and did well!

Excuse me, but I believe a gentlemanly clap is in order
*clap clap clap*

Excuse me but we shall fight for our foods! >:o

Excuse me, can we not share the food??

Excuse me but I never said that! :D

Excuse me, I like putting words in people's mouths :)

Excuse me, I need to reload.

Excuse me, I am hungry *off to make curry noodles*

Excuse me, but this next passage is a warning:


Excuse me, but we are out of bacon, I would add some if we had any...time to go shopping later.

Excuse me, but I am playing Lollipop Chainsaw!

Excuse me, I am multitasking!

excuse me but are you dead? *pokes*

Excuse me, but I am a brilliant individual! *revels in own brilliance*

Excuse me but that's nice! *pats head*

Excuse me, but I have Anime to watch!

Excuse me but that's unhealthy. @,@

Excuse me but that's unhealthy. @,@

Excuse me, but were you talking to me? and if so, how is it unhealthy?

On Topic: Excuse me, but I should probably do something.

Excuse me but my supersonic hearing caught a young womans' scream! The citizen needs help, i must save her!


Excuse me, nobody was screaming.

*Hides bodies*

Excuse me, but I am ready to play Skyrim!

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