The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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David, Devon, Kud, Melethia, Riki, Teri
Before David set off, he took a chance to take a look at the towels that Riki spoke up.
Despite being unused for ages, they were still quite soft and absorbent.
".....This are nice towels....." He said as he picked though them, picking up a red one.
With the manner as if he was stealing some prized artefact (...Which he KINDA is), He threw the towel over his shoulder and went down the hallway after Riki, using the "torch" Devon gave him.
"OI! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT WANDERING OFF!!? *I'll* Lead." He snapped as the kid before taking the lead.

Slindis, Rugal
While he was expecting some class of trap, a actual acid pit?
"...Unusual, but not un-welcome..." he commented before he turned back to the Titan Slindis was facing, slowed slightly by the fire it was standing in.
He ran over and said "I'm going to try and make an opening, Get ready to strike."
After his warning was given, he ran to flank the beast, placing it in-between Him and Slindis for an attack at 2 fronts.
He got in a few quick jabs, enough to get the monsters attention.

Dark Tomoya LOLZ NINJA'D ^_^.
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Stormy.

As Tomoya was about to leave, something Hiryu was not going to allow to happen, He heard a voice from behind him.
"There is no escape..."
"Well about fucking tim-"
On command, a horde of robotic panthers and hawks came into view and pounced on the angel mid-sentence.
While they clawed and bit the Dark one, He knew it was meaningless to try and disable him.
Still, getting attacked by several dozen robotic animals tended to anger people, him especially.
And to kept this act up, he disappeared back into the desert, back to hiding in plain sight.

David, Devon, Kud, Melethia, Riki, Teri

Devon rolled his eyes. "Really? You're in the temple of a fallen angel and you steal a towel?" He honestly didn't feel too comfortable with taking anything, since there was a chance of something being corrupted.

Meanwhile, Melethia pulled out a pair of gloves and some goggles and handed them over to Teri. "Here you are, miss Teri! These should help out a bit, but still be careful."

Slindis, Rugal

The titan did a wild slash around it then reared back to exhale a noxious cloud on the two as the aftereffects from the other titan falling through the floor caused the cracks to spread, leaving only a small gap. Slindis and Rugal would have to get across fast, but leaving that titan behind them would be a bad idea as it likely knew the area quite well.

Slindis breathed the fumes as she stabbed the titan a few more times, creating more holes in the legs to weaken its support. "Rugal, we need to finish this thing now before it uses that breath again!"

David, Devon, Kud, Melethia, Riki, Teri

David shot an offended look at Devon.
"Hey, It's not just a Towel. It's an Angel Towel taken from one of their oldest temples. Sure, it's not as nice as a golden idol or some crystal skull, but in principle, it's just as valuable." He said as he rubbed a bit of dust off it as the group left the bath-house.
"Besides, It's one of the few things we've seen here that isn't trying to kill us. that alone works for me."

Slindis, Rugal

"What the-"
Rugal was taken off-guard by the gas attack and inhaled a rather large amount of the cloud.
The effects were near instant, he began to cough and choke loudly which in turn caused him to inhale more of it.
Before he could be overwhelmed, he retreated from the gas cloud back the way the pair came.
He heaved over and choked up a large mouthful of blood before coughing hard again.
Once he was done, he turned back to the beast and wiped his mouth with his arm before smashing it into the ground.
"POWER WAVE!" He called out as a projectile raced across the ground towards the armour's legs.

David, Devon, Kud, Melethia, Riki, Teri

He grinned. "Well, you do have a point there. Melethia, I hate to ask, but I'm kinda weak on the equipment side as well. You got anything in there that I could use?"

Melethia let Teri try on the equipment then looked at Devon. "Well, ya did help me out earlier, mister, so I think I can find somethin' in here..." She rifled through her bag, finding a pair of metal studded gloves and an elegant ring.

"Now take care of those, okay? I'm gonna beatcha up if they're messed up next time I see 'em!" She stuck her tongue out as she searched the bath house for anything else of note.

Slindis, Rugal

Slindis jumped to the side as the shockwave wreaked havoc on the already damaged leg, causing it to break and topple over. "Rugal, we need to get across while we have the chance!" The hole was a ten foot gap, and any slipping would result in falling into that acid pit.

Slindis, Rugal

Rugal stumbled a bit after his attack, entering another coughing fit as he motioned Slindis onwards as he began to make his way over.
The Beast struggled to get upright again as his leg was now in a rather bad state, allowing Rugal to run past unharassed.
"Right, You go F-*Cough*-irst...I'll be right behind you..." He gasped as the poison began to take effect.
He then proceeded to watch the Armour as Slindis crossed the gap.

[quote="bluecrimson" post="540.101127.16360584"]

Slindis, Rugal

She edged along and quickly got across. "Rugal, don't you give up on me now... Come on, make it across!" She began preparing the spell to get rid of the poisoning as she anxiously waited for him to cross.

Slindis, Rugal

The armour was advancing fast on Rugal as he went for a jump, not wanting to risk the ledge for fear of a cough knocking him off balance.
It was cutting it close, but he managed to make the jump before he could be introduced to the beast's Axe-saw.
He rolled on landing, ending up on his hands and knees as the armour tried to follow.
Good News: The weight of the monster and the already underlying structural weakness ensured his side crumbled and he plunged to join his brother in the acid pit.

Bad News: He took down a few floors on The Fighter and The Drow's side on the way down, causing the floor they were on to become unstable.
"Son of a...MOVE! N-*Cough*-NOW! RUN!" He shouted as he forced himself up into a sprint away from the edge before their side capsized.

Angelus, Caim, Jake
Jake nodded gently, the look on his face still showing his disgust at those demons. "Vor, those things are horrible. Just another bunch of enemies that were defeated. Your secrets are safe with me, sorry to say but I've known them for a while. Teri as well. We're thorough in our work... But I digress. We need to move on and link up with some others."

Jake then looked in his webbing, pulling out a few water bottles and some sammiches from a pouch. "Here, eat a bit and you'll feel better guys. I might not be the best fighter, but I'm usually pretty well prepared if I know what's up."

Slindis, Rugal

The two sprinted as the floor collapsed behind them with Slindis tugging Rugal's hand to urge him on. "Hurry up, Rugal!" Much like a house of cards, the floor below them collapsed behind them as they sprinted for 20 meters. With the last of the rumbling stopped, they looked back to see that a large portion of the floor had caved in. "Hold still while I get that poison out of you, Rugal."

She chanted and placed her hands on the man, purging the poison from his system as the two took a breath. "Can you continue on?" Slindis looked Rugal over to check for any injuries she may have missed.

Slindis, Rugal

It was touch and go for a second, but the duo managed to get out of the danger zone before the floor collapsed beneath them.
Once it was safe to do so, Rugal heaved again and coughed up some more blood, prompting Slindis to use a spell to expel the poison from his system.
The two took the chance to take a breather before she asked if he could keep going.
"Indeed...Just right after fire, Poison is the thing I loathe to fight against the most..." He said as he spat out a few more drops before standing upright, taking in the damage they caused.
"That...Was a little too close for comfort. What about you, You alright?"

Slindis, Rugal

She looked at Rugal with a bit of concern. "I've had to deal with poisons in my time, so it wasn't too bad. And when you deal with fire, the smoke is the thing that's going to get you. The fire's easily dealt with when you have the right spells." True, the poison would mess up quite a few people, but she could get past them after the events of that day.

Teri, Devon, Riki, Melethia, Kud

As Devon made his way through the baths, the image of Ella hitting on Puce flashed through his head. "'re shitting me. Damnit, Ella!"

He would have to have a stern talking to with her after they got out of here.

Slindis, Rugal

Soon Rugal was back at his peak and ready to proceed.
"Heh...When fighting those with fire as their domain, I find smoke has little to do with it!" He smirked as they marched off from the wreckage behind them.
"Though, I'm a little concerned now. That was merely one security measure. While we are skilled enough to overcome it, I fear the others mightn't be so fortunate..." He added, worrying slightly about Melethia.
"You bring any means to contact them? When I last saw them, I wasn't in a position to arrange a comm-link or something of that nature."

Teri, Devon, Riki, Melethia, Kud

"....Who the hell is Ella?!" David exclaimed after Devon's outburst, clearly he was yet to met the latest Demonic member of the Rising Dawn.
"Does anyone know who or what he is talking about?....Anyone?....Yep, Only Sane Man..." He remarked as he lead on, avoiding the odd trap and raised plate.

Teri, Devon, Riki, Melethia, Kud

After graciously thanking Meltheia for the gear and trying it on, Teri found to her pleasant surprise that the googles fit wonderfully, and the gloves were a comfortable fit. She could even say that she felt a little stronger with them on; but that was probably a moment of confidence more than anything.

"'re shitting me. Damnit, Ella!"

The Cleric tilted her head in confusion with David, "I'm a little curious too... A friend of your's, Devon? And what are you mad about? You were just fine a minute ago..."

Angelus, Caim, Jake

Caim frowned at the notion of food, but when Angelus gave him another glare, he complied and took a small bite out of a sandwich half. It was some time since they last had food; wasn't it? Caim didn't realize that until he noticed the sandwich was gone. Funny how one doesn't notice such things when they're hungry.

Slindis, Rugal

Slindis shook her head. "The League back home had rings for communication, but I don't know if they work any more. I've certainly tried using it plenty to contact others from there, but there was hardly a response. If I'd been proactive, we could have had them spread out amongst every member of the group, but that's for another time." Her memories went back to that exploration group, remembering faces that she'd likely never see again.

Thinking about the League brought her to her daughter, and then the attacks in the forest. "Rugal, were any of the shades encountered of anyone that wasn't in the group? If that's the case, then my author's here." She pulled out the picture that she had gotten from the Red Mage attack, and although the face looked a bit different, he could clearly remember that as the man that had aided Melethia somehow.

Teri, Devon, Riki, Melethia, Kud

Devon tried on the well-fitting gloves and managed to get the ring on his right index finger, then turned to Teri. "She's someone I met while I was training down there, and she's Kurumu's half-sister. I don't know what exactly was going on to cause it, but apparently she was putting the moves on fairly strong. Considering what I went through to get her here, it's more than a bit messed up. And thank you for the gear, Melethia. It's much appreciated." The gloves certainly made the man feel looser and a bit stronger, and he felt a bit more confident with the ring on.

Melethia turned to the two and nodded. "Well, Miss Teri, you did help us out back there even if you are a bit scrawny. And mister Devon, whatever that touch of yours did, it really helped me! Just try not to wear yourself out, 'kay? The young elven girl went ahead worked through the bath house and methodically disabled each trap, placing valuable metals in her pouch.

Angelus, Caim, Jake
Silence blanketed the three as they each ate a sandwich and drank some water. Finishing up, Jake packed the bottles away again.

"So, we gotta keep moving down and forward to get to this stone then. I wonder how those two little kids are doing and if they're dead yet. Entitled little bastards, I wanna wring StormShaun's neck for introducing those two. Fucking anime protagonists, they aren't even from a real fighting series..."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: | Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Mark |
Akane wiped her tears on a sleeve as Aftan was okay, and Kokoa saved as well. He voice was very quiet when she spoke. "Thank you Mark. You saved both my loves... We are indebted to you. I want to go *home*, and not have to deal with this. But we must, or there will not be a home to go to. I'm sorry everyone, I am not strong enough... But I will try as long as you all do."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: | Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Mark |
Akane looked up at the Dramatist as her tears stopped, brought about by the kind words of the Demi-God. She sniffled one last time and dried off her tears. "Mark... Thank you."

She pulled the man into the hug the three Knights were sharing, and they all spent a moment there, the warmth of four caring people. Even Kokoa stopped crying, drying her tears upon a fluffy tail. Releasing Mark, Akane Kokoa and Aftan all helped each other stand up.

"Faith... I had forgotten about Faith. I was too far lost in the loves of my life to think of anything else than loving them and loosing them. I've...I've been really shaken, but with everyone by my side we can do it! I can do it!"

Though there was no fire behind her eyes, they no longer held the look of a desperate and broken woman, but a caring determination. Akane held her hand out, and created a fireball to hold aloft for light. "It's time to find the others. And clear this temple..."

Slindis, Rugal

Rugal seemed puzzled at the mention of Communicator Rings, but he dropped the topic once Slindis brought up Devon and a picture of him.
"....Wait a moment....Yeah, I've seen him. He watched over Melethia for a while back at the camp. A fake of him attacked you? Make sense to send the creator after the creation." He said as he looked at the photo.
Then it hit her, the one who ruined her world, made her life unbearable was with her daughter.

Teri, Devon, Riki, Melethia, Kud

"Awwww...It's like Christmas over there." David quipped as each of the authors began to equip the gear Melethia gave them.
I have got to get me one of those hammerspace pouches... He thought as he checked a corner before advancing.

Temple Guardian.
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.

Ella | Puce

The guardian was actually shocked with the conversation going on between the man and Half-Succubus, right until he heard a thump. Looking below him he could clearly see the weapon against his side. "Impact level equivalent to a object only known as a... 'pillow'. Excuse me sir, I bid you the thing known as 'a good day'!" The Guardian robot said in a polite tone as he right hand mini-gun was transformed into a double chainsaw hand.

The chainsaw sliced the decayed stone weapon below him and quickly went to the golem and cut him in half vertical wise. Turning his attention back to the two he actually managed to speak. "Analysis of conversation complete. The boy is right, detection of love is 100 percent. Excuse me... detection of challenge is... zero percent." He said and quickly walked through a wall to guard the object he was designed to guard.

Slindis, Rugal

As another duo walked through the hall they could hear a rumbling. Stopping they could hear a more intense running sound coming from the walls. Only a cloud of dust appeared as a large object smashed through the right wall and into the other wall. It also left two tunnels, one blocked by ruble and one leading to a dark hallway. The passage Rugal and Slindis were traveling in was blocked off.

The dark hallway (Which the Teri, Devon, Riki, Melethia, Kud and David group were in) was completely dark.

Riki & Kud (Plus Slindis, Rugal, Teri, Melethia and David).
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.
Weather: Dark clouds.

(More temple details. Lets finish this part up so we can finish the arch quickly.)

The group were in the dark hallway, their lights only objected them to the horror surrounding them. The hallway walls were completely covered in blood except some of the wall. Corpses were all over the floor and quite a few were pinned against the wall with stakes. The skeletons were both human and angel, the humans were lying on the floor and the angels were those pinned on the walls with evidence of wings.

There were a couple of badly made torture chambers which sheltered even more bodies and even more torture weapons. All over the bodies were shining or glowing objects which were obviously of holy origin. Some bodies held onto weapons and some bodies held onto clothes, armor or any other accessories.

Riki had just apologized as he spotted the hallway. "This isn't good... some kind of massacre." Riki could only say but looked at all the evidence of holy magical objects scattered along the hallway. "Look." Kud could simply say as she pointed down the hallway to where all the blood was leading. A light fancy looking chamber was at the end of the long hallway.

Location: AA Universe | Earth atmosphere.

As the Succubus unloaded on the ship she managed to hit the two rookies in one group. "God damn it... Jenkins and Demarco. I sometimes question why the hell I do this shit sometimes to just lose my men... friends." He said as pieces from the destroyed pod smacked into his. "Pod.... damaged!" Alpha announced, Storm simply sighed as he kicked open his pod door open in mid air and was trying to surf it down instead. "Bitch gotta do better then that!"

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

As he was being featsed upon by the horde of robotic animals, Dark Tomoya only regretted that he couldn't "Crazy cocktail" day at his favorite Costa Rican bar. "God damn it!" He yelled as he suddenly absorbed all of the robot's electricity which shut them down. Dark Tomoya got up and sighed as he didn't see Hiyru anyway in his sight. "Are you really that scared of death... you should embrace it." Tomoya yelled out to the nothingness and looked back to the group of animals. "I really liked animals as well." He said as he formed several needle shaped objects and opened his palm and the shapes flowed and stabbed each of the animals.

The *BOOM* ... pieces of metal rained upon the desert. "Funny thing, I knew you were holding me up for them... but now I'm serious." Tomoya smiled as he threw his hand out in the air. Desert dust covered him but when it was blown away by the wind there was no evidence of Dark Tomoya.

Slindis, Rugal

She began making her way down the dark hallway, pulling out a small club with an orange crystal that glowed when she touched it to provide light for the area. "Rugal, you let that man around my daughter? I can somewhat understand since you didn't know what he did, but that man's got a lot to answer for, and I will ensure that he does." Slindis started making her way through the hallway, slowing down when she started seeing the bodies and what exactly they were.

What should have been of more interest were the three lights in the distance walking off

Teri, Devon, Riki, Melethia, Kud

Devon looked around at the multiple bodies and sighed. "For once, could an ancient Mayan temple not be filled with scenes of slaughter and gore? I know that was part of their whole thing, but it doesn't mean that it has to happen all the time." Although he'd been trained in hell, stealing from this kind of slaughter just didn't feel right at all.

Melethia looked up at Kud then down the pathway. "That must be where the stone is! Guys, I'm gonna check for any traps an' stuff so we don't have any surprises." The girl moved through the bodies, checking to see if there were any kinds of hollows, pressure plates, or false walls among other things.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | David | Devon | Ella | Gabrielle | Jake | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kud | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Riki | Rugal | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

David, Devon, Kud, Melethia, Riki, Teri

During the walk, Teri found that she had to relax her grip on detect magic, lest she strain herself any further. However, once they reached the tunnel, and saw the lights ahead, Teri frowned at the prospect of it being the Stone of Light. There was no way they could have found it so easily. After calling in her dog, Caramel, to watch the rear, Teri readied her spell again, eyes beginning to glow in the darkness, as she looked to the orange light ahead of them...

When the dog gave an alerted bark, Teri turned around and felt... Something wash over her... Calm? Something peaceful; that much she could tell.

Angelus, Caim, Jake

When they began to walk again, Angelus mouthed "thank you" to Jake before going to Caim's side. As it was becoming readily apparent, perhaps some of these Writers were not all bad. Jake, Teri and Devon had been working towards fixing the messes and mistakes that their kindred had caused, and Angelus could admire that, even if she was less than happy with some of the things that were done to them via the Writers. Upon the mention of Shaun, Angelus' ears pricked in interest, and she asked; "I take it he's another of your group? What has his hand led to in this realm?"

Cadolbolg, Kurumu and Ton Ton

As the trio attacked the ship, Ton Ton hopped onto one of the pods and began stabbing at it with his keen Knife. The sharp blade, as it was magiced to cut the intangible as well as the living, was finding no difficulty cutting through the steel of the pod. To the rider inside, he started shooting at the thing atop the pod; and one of the bullets grazed the Tonberry's side.

"Everyone's Grudge."

Darkness enveloped the pod then. Screams and cries to whatever God would listen were heard for a moment, and then silence fell over the device, the pod becoming the soldier's tomb. With a faint amount of blood dripping from his side, the green creature shook itself lightly, before beginning to move to the next pod.

Rising Dawn Network: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri did not protest when he was dragged by Vermilion to the weaponry, but as he mounted the controls, he said, "Please forgive me if I am not very proficient with these. I was not designed to attack, after all, only to manage and organize."

As he said this, one of his shots hit a wing of one of the minor aircraft units. Sure, he may have not been designed for combat; but even with human-like programming, an AI has (generally speaking) better accuracy in their calculations.

Slindis, Rugal

"Rugal, let's hurry up. We need to get that stone." As SLindis caught up to the lights, she saw Teri, David, and if thatfight at the first campsite was right...

"Devon, you stay right there!" She ran over to the group, covering the distance rapidly.

Teri, Devon, Riki, Melethia, Kud

"Devon, you stay right there!"

Devon heard the shouting of a female voice calling his name. He didn't quite know who it was, but the tone in it made it quite clear that she wasn't happy with him. "Um, Teri, do you know that voice?" He was clearly more than a bit nervous, and it showed.

Upon hearing her mother's voice, Melethia stopped disabling the traps in front of them and turned around. "Miss Slindis, you finally caught up!" She backtracked to the rest of the group after making a clear line to show how far she'd gotten.

Slindis? Oh hell...

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: Angelus, Caim, Jake
"All of this." Jake said bitterly. He began to explain.
Shaun's main character...Is Tomoya. Just before everything went to hell with Red Mage, he kept saying he wanted a 'Send-off' Arc as he was retiring Tomoya, the oldest character in the Avatar Adventures. Now Shaun refused to believe the Red Mage events happened, as he lives at the arse end of the world. Hence, he turned Tomoya evil, and in return Tomoya has kidnapped Shaun and is holding him hostage. So basically, the dude loves his anime, cartoons, and that's why we're stuck with Riki and Kud, they were a blank slate for him to power up and use. Now the reason we can't just 'Write' Dark Tomoya or the brats out of existence is because he is a Writer character still involved. And I shall show neither Dark Tomoya or Shaun no mercy. Shaun dies when we find him, as does Tomoya. There will be no saving or attempting to cleanse the damned ArchAngel. Bastard fucked with this world, those I care about, even after Mark personally visited him to explain the fucking situation. No wonder you guys all hate us. We're right bastards, aren't we? Well fuck that, I'm here to fix this shit, then I think I'm done writing. I'll go home, and no more. If I get home at all..."

Immensely frustrated, Jake stopped to pick up a handful of loose stones on the floor. One by one he threw them down the hall before them, each one making a slightly satisfying skittling sound as it went.


After the Hallways merged, David began to make his way over to the sound of Slindis's voice.
"Slin?...Slin that you?..." He asked as he made his way over.
"Oh by the way, thanks for fucking knocking me out just because I killed you Super-Villain Boyfriend-" He started to say until he flashed his light on Rugal.
".....Who is standing right there....Alive...."
"So I am" Rugal answered with a evil grin on his face.
"...Oh sugar-honey-ice-tea..OOF!" Daivd managed to get out before a massive punch to the gut, followed by Rugal twisting his wrist to get him to drop his gun.
Once he was disarmed, Rugal held David a good foot above the ground by his neck, choking the life out of him.
"No one kills Rugal! Bernstein!" He boasted before he went to use his Slashing Aura to stab him in the chest.
"Rugal! Enough!" He froze as he felt the touch of cold steel on his spine, from Slindis's rapier.
There was a moment of silence (Apart from David choking to death) before he said to him "Now...She's saved both our lives..."
Rugal then dropped the Irishman and proceeded onwards as David coughed and gasped from his near strangling.

David, Rugal, Slindis, Riki, Kud, Devon, Teri, Melethia

After interrupting the fight between Rugal and David, Devon stood there while trying somewhat badly to act like he was calm. After all, Rugal had backed down from beating the hell out of someone that had tried to kill him because of Slin's actions, and she had every reason to want to beat the hell out of him. As the paladin gave him a withering glare, Devon began to talk. "Slindis, I know you have every reason to hate me. I can see why you think I'd be better off suffering in the Afterlife. If you want to punch me in the jaw right after I finish this, feel free. I certainly deserve as much."

He sheathed his shortsword and crossed his hands in front of him as he continued to talk, clearly very nervous. "There's going to be an incredible amount of things that I'll have to do, and I know that nothing that I can do will ever fix what happened. Please, understand that the only things that I may have influenced are you entering Stormreach and you finding Melethia. Every thought you had, every experience you lived through are yours and yours alone. Now, if you planned on doing something, go ahead and do it, and I'll help you in any way I can." He closes his eyes, expecting her to hit him.

Devon used Diplomacy to talk with the Paladin, achieving a shift in attitude from Unfriendly to Friendly!

The paladin slaps him on the same cheek that Kalastryn hit earlier. "You're right, you've got an incredible amount to do to even begin repaying the massive debt you owe. And you know what? I'll be watching you to ensure that."

Melethia looked at Devon again, then looked at Teri. "Miss Teri, how does he know Miss Slin?"

David, Rugal, Slindis, Riki, Kud, Devon, Teri, Melethia

Rugal watched as Devon managed to talk Slindis down from beating him to the brink of death to a mere slap on the cheek.
Still, if he was responsible for all he said he was, He still reckoned he got off rather lightly.
To ensure he got the message, he stood next to him, showing off his height and Hercules-Like Frame and said "As will I...".
The tone of his voice and killer glare clearly got his point across before he began to lead the way.

David mean while was having a hard time picking himself up, Rugal's grip was like a human vice clamp as he felt bruising in the prefect outline of a hand on his neck.
"Yeah-*Gasp*-Well...Fuck you-*Gasp*-Too asswipe..." He managed to get out before he tried to recover from his strangling.

Where's he gone? :O.
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

While he didn't reveal his hiding spot, Hiryu was extremely concerned with Tomoya's disappearance.
"...Damn...Hiryu to HQ, Target has gone dark, Repeat, I've lost contact with Tomoya. Send word to all units Globally, We need to keep him away from the Rising Dawn!" He spoke into his radio to HQ.
I hope I bought them enough time... He thought as he checked his surroundings.

After a good hour had passed, Mostly him making sure Tomoya wasn't going to re-appear and strike him down, Hiryu finally made himself viable, coming out from behind a rock formation, as he went to organize a Teleport out of the desert.

David, Rugal, Slindis, Riki, Kud, Devon, Teri, Melethia

"I'm afraid you'll have to ask Devon about that, Miss Melethia. It's not really my place to say..."

Following that, Teri could only sigh as she applied a cure spell to David's neck. Even if she was mad at the soldier, that didn't mean she wanted anyone dead, Devon included. However, she was also glad that Rugal and Slindis were there, even if they weren't in the best of moods. Even so, beggars can't be choosers when it came to surrogate parent/mentor figures.

"There we go... Come on, I think it's only a little further till the stone of light."

Doing her best to remain the 'bright light' that was alluded to by both Lucifer and Jake, Teri helped the soldier up and kept an enthusiastic face; even if the events of this place were wearing her thin. Melethia could see the effects on the Cleric, even through the false cheeriness that Teri had placed over herself.

Angelus, Caim, Jake

Caim growled, and punched a wall, "Gods damn it all! Of course it's an Author! IT ALWAYS HAS TO DO WITH THEM!"

It was time for Angelus to play voice of reason again, "Caim... They're not all bad. Our friend here just said he's looking to aid the cause of stopping Tomoya; and even says he wants to stop interfering after that. Furthermore, Teri and Devon have worked hard to be here, and to gain use among our ranks. That has to account for something in your eyes."

Caim gave a grunt, and shrugged, "That's three of em, compared to the whole we've had to deal with. outliers in groups happen from time to time. Doesn't mean that most of em aren't a pain in the ass."

Captcha: i'm sorry dave

"He's not so bad when he's not punching things or having a huge ego..."
"So, all the time?"

David, Rugal, Slindis, Riki, Kud, Devon, Teri, Melethia

Devon nodded at the response and recast the Light spell on his shortsword as he went over to Melethia. "If you need to know, I'm the guy that helped Slin find you. If you need me to help you out any more, just ask."

For her part, the young girl grinned. "Mister, ya really need to relax. Ya messed up. So? You can always do better as more stuff happens. I mean, ya can, but if ya keep goin like Miss Teri is, you'll collapse. Same goes for ya, Miss Teri. I'd like it more if you let yourself really smile, but your eyes just feel really sad. Cheer up? For me?"

Seeing her pupil's stress, Slindis put a hand on her shoulder. "Teri, it seems tat you've earned some more training of mine when we leave here. No equipment, but if you're doing what I think you're doing, you're far too inexperienced for it." Teri could tell that Slindis was genuinely concerned as they closed on the Stone.

David, Rugal, Slindis, Riki, Kud, Devon, Teri, Melethia

Teri laughed nervously at Melethia's question: "I don't know what you're talking about, Miss Melethia. I'm just fine. We've just been at it for a while; you know, with time bubbles, spell casting and whatnot. If anything, these goggles probably mess with the lighting on my face; which might make me look sad! I promise, I'm okay!"

Ah, another bold faced lie; at least, to those experienced with them. Teri recast Light on her staff again, happy to see the gloom banished by the light, and patted her faithful dog on the head. It was probably going to fade soon, so she might as well enjoy the dog's presence while it didn't need to attack. The creature proved an ample distraction as Teri put her facade back together, and decided to ask her mentor what she was talking about (and hopefully change the subject), "Training? Sounds great! I'd like to be as much use here as I can."

However, the girl was concerned about what her teacher meant by "inexperienced". Perhaps she meant all her spells? Sure, it was a bit hard getting Frostburn into her list, but the studying she put into them made it worth it. After all, Snuffles had proven to be an extremely helpful ally in combat. She could only hope that Helga would be the same way; for she had yet to summon the dire-badger...

Angelus, Caim, Jake

Jake's voice boomed and interrupted Caim's rage. It was full of anger and regret.

"Caim! When this is all over and the world has been brought peace once again, I promise you that I will personally destroy the links that any Gods have with this world. Even if I must sacrifice myself to do it, I will use my Author powers to seal this world... Well seal might be a bad word to use. I will cut this world from outside intervention, make it it's own reality, unable to be affected by anyone outside it. And if I fail, I will fall upon your sword, if only to give you the peace of mind of one less Author to ruin things. And if I succeed but live, I expect to fall upon your sword so I may not write again and cause another round of suffering."

Jake stopped his little speech to take a deep breath. He pointed dramatically at Angelus then spoke again, his eyes locked upon the Bloodknight. "Do not think I am doing it for you, Master Caim. I shall do it for Angelus, who has saved my life thrice now, if only to give her peace of mind that you are not raging over it. Now, let's fucking go and find this Gods-damned Stone."

Jake stormed ahead, drawing his sword and letting it hang outwards.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Angelus, Caim, Jake

Angelus only shook her head at the men before her, one of whom was pushed to his limits mentally, and the other who was always at his wit's end. Both were fueled by their anger at the world; and there was nothing the dragon could do to stop it. Lightly smacking Caim on the back of the head, the dragon decided that attempting to talk to Jake at this point would be fruitless, as the man had already decided how he wanted to live and die. And knowing humans, their plans always ended up changing at some point.

David, Devon, Kud, Melethia, Riki, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

To those who looked at the Cleric, she seemed to be on auto pilot; her steps echoing quietly with the rest of the group. Perhaps she was meditating with the staff as before? Rugal could certainly attest to the girl blanking mid-conversation from time to time.

Teri's Mindscape: Lucifer | Teri

The Cleric continued to stare into the pool, her mockery of the concept of tranquility still upon her face as she spoke, "I have read that you entreat upon mortal minds to mess with them; but I see no reason for your coming here. There is nothing of interest about me to catch the eyes of a devil."

As she said this, brief flashes of virtuous people sped around the two: souls full of honor, beauty, grace, virtue, kindness, yadda yadda yaddah. These were replaced by equal parts of what these people could fall into: disgrace, vanity, sloth, vice, cruelty....

When they faded, she continued, her voice filled with a hollow monotone, "If anything, one of your minions should be here instead, yet, here you are." An image of an imp sprang from the pool, and skittered by The Morning Star's side, only to vanish as all the other constructs did. Her face ever unmoving from the pool, the features on her face remaining vacant, she continued, "Not trying to sound rude, sir; but I can't help but be a tad on the confused side. Why are you here?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Teri's Mindscape: Lucifer | Teri

A tiny prick of a noise filled the air, as the Devil saw a crack appear on the girl's 'face' as she became more rigid than usual (if that was even possible in this dead land), "What."

Before Lucifer could explain himself properly, he saw that she had stood up, the liquid pool beginning to agitate as she did so. Ah! She had life in her yet! However, something seemed to hold her back, as she paused and put her hands to her blank 'face', "You may be the Prince of Lies, but that was just cruel!"

An emotion? No, she forced another shard back onto the mask, and sat herself down to the wavering pool. Thunder rummbled in the distance as deep, dark clouds began rolling in, looking ready to pop any moment.

"Forgive my impudence, sir. Even the Devil deserves respect. But I digress... State your real purpose, please. I am not in the mood for games. Then again, I am not in the mood for anything."

Ah, the monotone returns. Lucifer shook his head, wondering why she kept shifting too and from this robot of a persona. Where was the fire? The ice? The Venom? She had it all, it was just a matter of being pushed. Perhaps that was where the key lied?


"He's not so bad when he's not punching things or having a huge ego..."
"So, all the time?" David responded after Teri helped him up,
"My point exactly..." He added as he freed himself from her grasp and proceeded onwards behind Rugal.
Steady David...Wait for the shot... He told himself as he spun the chambers on his M500 to calm himself, causing a audible *Click Click Click* sound.

Rugal meanwhile overheard Slindis's mention of further training for Teri.
He then thought back to the time she locked him and her in a pitch black room and shot arrows at them like one of Wesker or Cortex's inhumane experiments.
"Well, so long as you give me some warning before you try to turn me into a pincushion again, I am I right Teri?.....Teri?..." He asked, surprised by the lack of answer.
David picked up on this and noticed the cleric in some kind of trance, waving his hand in front of face and snapping his fingers.
".....Kids these days..." The Marksman commented as he awaited for her to snap out of it.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Teri's Mindscape: Lucifer | Teri

"Wait, what are you-"

Before she could say anything else, the girl was shoved into the clear pool of liquid. To Lucifer's surprise, the pool was much deeper than it initially appeared, and Teri had begun to sink in it; despite how desperately she was trying to keep herself afloat,


The water, well, if you could call that black sludge the liquid became "water", closed over her head; a deep cracking noise was heard, and the gray reality broke. Literally, it had broken, deep cracks edging themselves into landscape, and the place fell away in sections, leaving only the black pool and Lucifer floating in the air; his wings unfurled to prevent himself from falling into the nothing below. Or was it above? It was a bit difficult to conduct spacial relations when in the construct of a mind.

Silence overtook the place for a moment, and in that instant, chaos took it's part on the world. A sun and moon rose, set and changed phases at a rapid pace; Magma flowed, gas swelled, an explosion! Water, life, rock, earth and everything in between began to overtake the place, the mental landscape creating and destroying itself. It made sense that there wasn't just one way for her world to make and unmake itself; she had read so many stories about how the universe was formed, it was only natural her world took on that same process multiple times.

Finally, after a final permutation of creation and destruction, the world around them finally settled upon orange rock and streams of light. A cavern of sorts, it seemed, with it's creator seated by a pool of water. Her arms clutching her sides, she looked cold in this distinctively warm place, a contradiction the Fallen was amused by; but did not voice. Kneeling down next to her, he quietly asked, "What was all that, kiddo?"

Teri buried her head in her knees, and shuddered, "I was trying NOT to feel anything. You just had to go do the one thing that made that impossible, now didn't you?"

Ah, so the pool was where she stored emotions and memories... No wonder it was so blackened when she fell in.

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