The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The light began to flash from below Rugal as he felt himself rise about half a meter above the ground. As his attention was distracted by the effects of the spell, The Preacher gestured Tajuh to open the doors.

Tajuh immediately opened the doors of the hangar before Rugal had a chance to respond, and his breathing seemed to be faster.

Rugal said nothing on the way over, merely let his nerves show at the scale of the situation.
So he stood in front of the doors as Preacher did his magic trick.
Always knew he was of those strange religion types
"Whoa, whoa, whoa WHAT'S GOING ON!?" He shouted as he showed confusion at him flying away.
Then the rear doors opened.
Oh you motherfu-
If he throws me out of this airship, He Will regret it...

The Preacher turned to Tajuh, signalling her to close the doors, as they closed, he began to "laugh".

" Oh, the look on your face...... " He began to laugh as obnoxiously as possible.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn Hanger|Rising Dawn|Canadian Airspace
Time: Morning

The Preacher suddenly felt his grip of Rugal waning as a red figure materialized in the room. A small girl wearing red wizard robes and a widebrimmed hat was holding onto Rugal and setting him down. Her mouth was twisted into an unsettlingly friendly smile.

"He is one of my toys, don't break or scare him," Titania said softly. Her wings gave a violent flutter as she spoke.

Rugal fell to the floor, embracing it, glad to be back on solid ground.
He was sobbing and crying from his character's near death experience.
...Uhhhhh...It hurts me to do this...
Soon a large stain appeared in his his pants as he pissed himself.
"-W-WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Wahahahahahaha..." He cried as he took short panicked breaths.
Then he learned it was all a joke. son of bit-
Despite every implusing telling him otherwise, he restrained himself as he cried in the centre of the hanger.
The second no-one is looking...I'll kill you. slowly too... He promised himself.


"-W-WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Wahahahahahaha..." He cried as he took short panicked breaths.

Tajuh shrugged, but the harsh tone in his voice showed Rugal the man was dead serious. "He may have considered it a joke. If you backstab us or threaten either of the Eberron dwellers, I will make it a point to hunt your business down. Who knows, I may go after what you care about. Just wanted to throw that out there."

Titania floated down next to Rugal's face, her smile faded somewhat, "Don't overact my toy, you're going to give your act away."

Her wings hummed slightly, whipping up a breeze inside the hanger, and the air became filled with sparkling dust. She continued to whisper into Rugal's ear, "We'll need you and your power when the battle comes. Do not give yourself away, this fight is far from it's beginning." She took off her hat and removed a small leather pouch and placed it in Rugal's large fist, "This bag holds one thing, something you will need most at your most dire time. When that time comes, open it. And do not open it before that."

Then Titania got up and floated gently out of the room, ignoring the Preacher and Tajuh.

"He may have considered it a joke. If you backstab us or threaten either of the Eberron dwellers, I will make it a point to hunt your business down. Who knows, I may go after what you care about. Just wanted to throw that out there."

You have to sleep sometime...
"Ok! OK! Jus-Ju- Wahahahahah!" He said as he continued to cry in the fetal position in full view of everyone.
I will do whatever I damn well please. By the time this is over, you will have wished you threw me out this airship... He said to himself, making the bitter pill of his treatment go down better.

"Don't overact my toy, you're going to give your act away."

Oh god fucking dammit He cursed his cover blown.
Then she went on about them needing them and his power and gave him something.
Unable to break character, he merely kept crying until they left.
Who was that? What did she give me?... He thought, mind in a completely different state from his body.

The Preacher was startled slightly by Titania's entrance, yet unsurprised, seeing the variety of the group on board had told him to be prepared for anything at this point.
"So am I to assume that you see these events as your little game? How very quaint, I was beginning to miss the tricksters of old." He now had his attention fully diverted to Titania, fascinated yet unimpressed with her antics.

"I always wondered how dull your lives were that you would interfere with people in such a petty manner. Would you ever think about using your abilities for something constructive?"


"Don't overact my toy, you're going to give your act away."

Oh god fucking dammit He cursed his cover blown.
Then she went on about them needing them and his power and gave him something.
Unable to break character, he merely kept crying until they left.
Who was that? What did she give me?... He thought, mind in a completely different state from his body.

"Do not think I didn't hear that. "

AA World:
Rising Dawn

Shadow swore to himself as he hid inside his think box as he liked to call it. He had been running hiding and then running some more from a certain crazed teleporting character. He could hear him outside walking around looking for him. It was just then that he heard a somewhat strange splashing sound coming from outside. It almost sounded as if someone was painting...

Eventually the sound stopped and he could hear footsteps getting farther away until the sound was gone. He was a bit fearful to look outside in case he got caught, but his curiosity got the better of him and he peeked out of his hiding place. Meanwhile Taytum was in his hand in sword form just waiting patiently.

When Shadow finally did look outside he saw a message written in blood.

"I know your in there....."

Right after he read it he turned back to see none other than C.J. staring strait at him. "WELL HELLOOOO THERE!" was all he said as Shadow bolted out of his hiding place and sprinted at super human speeds out of the room and down a hall. He was looking for anyone else other than him.

C.J. followed closely behind of course.

(Un)Real World:
In a big ass plane....

Jacob sighed as he sat up from his sleeping place. "how long have I been out?" he asked himself as he got up and looked around the plane for anyone familiar.


(Un)Real World:
In a big ass plane....

Jacob sighed as he sat up from his sleeping place. "how long have I been out?" he asked himself as he got up and looked around the plane for anyone familiar.

UnReal world, Cargo Plane

Devon looked up at the man with the blood still transfusing into his body and waved somewhat weakly, face still pale. "Hey, man. Name's Devon. Guessing you're an author, but I can't say how long you've been out.'

(Un)real World:

Still in a big ass cargo plane

"And author I be" Jacob replied as sat down on a bench (or whatever they have to sit on in a big ass plane....)

Jacob then looked at Devon getting a transfusion and said "Names Jacob, the hell happened to you?"


Jacob then looked at Devon getting a transfusion and said "Names Jacob, the hell happened to you?"

He laughed weakly. Found out one of the abilities I have as an author. It's kinda useful, actually. I can trade some of myself to patch someone else up, but I don't really know how far it goes. Guessing from how much I gave, it counts blood lost from being attacked by a vampire in the category. Mark went and summoned up the blood, but I don't have any blood illnesses. Fairly healthy, actually..."

Devon calmly glances at the needle in his arm before continuing. "Don't think Slin, Tajuh, or Melethia have interacted with your guys yet, but I don't have any control over them."

"Well they'll eventually meet... tell me what are we fighting now in the real world... and the AA world?" Jacob asked as he shifted into a more comfortable sitting position on the bench.

Catching some rest.

"In AA, we've got a rogue Tomoya attacking cities right now, and here, odds are we'll be running into Titania and more Fae. If you're here, you also need to keep an eye out for Darren, AKA Bruiser's creator. He doesn't have much grasp on his abilities yet, and he's kinda dangerous because he lacks the control." He leaned back and closed his eyes while waiting for the blood to finish going into his system.

"Well thanks for the update... you seem err... busy.... ill just try to find my magical toaster that makes any food..." Jacob said as he stood up and began to looked around leaving Darren to rest.

UNreal world!

Are we going to have a tournament?


The mute writer looked down at her Tablet as she read Mark's message, and wrote back;

To: Disasterchild
From: bluerocker


Well, I don't think it's fair to do that until we tell Darren first. We'll talk to him about it when he's coherent; okay?


Teri hiccuped with a bemused smile, happy to see herself and Darren take a turn for the relaxed. She almost forgot what made her mute... Almost. That was when she was alerted to Jacob's arrival onto the AA plane, and she scribbled in large script:

Hi Jacob! Welcome to the plane!

With that, she took another sip of her wine, enjoying the sweet taste of the plum-based drink. When she wasn't looking, Ton Ton took a sip of rum; only to spit it out in disgust.

Caim and Angelus!

Angelus had decided that Darren, for the moment, was harmless in his inebriated state; and decided to translate for Caim (to prevent him from having to stop and type on the PDA everytime he was instructing Jake).

"Besides, this should provide more amusement. It has been a time since I've done something interesting... Tighten your grip! Don't swing so wildly! FOOTWORK! Use those gods-given legs!"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Crew Quarters|Rising Dawn
Time: Morning

Kyre frowned and picked up the little leather bag, opened the lace and dipped her hand into the powder. She took up a large scoop in her hand, almost the entirety of the contents of the bag, and then tipped her head back and took the entire handful into her mouth. Kyre bit hard and swallowed, her eyes turning a dim dull green. "I won't hate you Kurumu..." she said slowly, almost as if intoxicated, "I love you. I refuse to leave your side, and Titania is helping me achieve that." She stumbled while trying to stand up, "The only person you need to protect me from," Kyre grumbled as the effects of the drug began to seep into her, "is me."

She suddenly perked up and smiled innocently, here eyes sparkled like emeralds and there was a lightness and preciseness to her steps and movements now. She handed the die back to Kurumu and grinned, "There is adventure to be had, we shall go receive it."

Kurumu had tried to kill her, and that struck a deep and terrible chord. Another loved one was being taken away from her, this time by their own will. When would they stop, when would they stop leaving her alone. The hatred boiled in the darkest places of the Anti-Mage's mind, suppressed by the Faerie dust.

The Succubus was a threat, but also the target. The paradox tore Kyre's thought process to shreds.

That should be enough blood...

Tournament... how witty! *chuckles*


Welcome back, sir!

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | Airborne | Landing Approach to Writer's Beach | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon

Note: Mega Post Incoming!!!


The Dramatist waved at Jacob as he returned to the land of the conscious without saying much of anything. If there was one thing that he had learned, sooner or later, Jacob would be looking for food and then... forget even speaking to him. Lo and Behold! Jacob wandered off to find his Magi-Food-SterTM

Despite not saying anything to Jacob, Mark was glad to have another soul aboard that could help in the even that Darren's powers went APE CRAP once again. However his merriment was interrupted by a sound coming from J.J., Mark's Tablet PC.

There was a


as it received T's response to his message and following the response, a frown from Mark underneath the mask he still wore.

"She's right, of course. Darren should have a say in the matter but ... " The Masked Writer thought to himself before thinking of the possible catastrophes that might happen if Darren's mind went WACKY! again. The human mind was a sort of infamous for the amount of pain that it could inflict upon others, just imagine what could happen if it had Darren like powers.

Reply to T:
Subject: Re: Darren
To: bluerocker

Hey T,

I understand what you're saying about letting him choose his fate and I'm in support of that. It's one thing to create something that can try to harm us... we've been working pretty well as a team so far and have been pretty lucky, but what if something he creates decides that the best way to get at us is through our families... by targeting people that don't have the powers that we do?

It's not a pretty thought to think about what sort of mess something like this can bring down upon us. Slender Man, while difficult and scary as he was, is only the tip of what the human mind is capable of creating.

Luckily the alcohol might impede his creative processes... but we can't keep him drunk forever can we?



The message was sent just in time too as another alarm grabbed the Dramatist's attention... the plane was ready to land and Jake was still busy training with Caim.

"Well... let's just try this." Mark thought to himself as he started writing on a blank "sheet" of electronic paper once again.

The Landing:

The C-130 Hercules Cargo plane's engines roared over the Writer's Beach, a black sand beach located on a hidden island off the island chain of Hawaii.

The newly erected landing strip, compliments of the Faerie Troop that called the beach home as well, rose from the water to greet the plane as it lined up for its landing.

There was a whirring noise as the landing gear and flaps extended and the plane prepared itself to land and slowly, gently, the plane coasted onto the landing strip. The engines roared loudly once again as the plane decelerated to avoid plummeting into the water and came to a slow taxi and then stopped all together.

As Mark wrote this... the plane, with no pilot seated in its cockpit, performed the landing maneuvers seemingly of its own accord, the occupants of the plane not even jostled by the soft landing that the plane had just performed.

"We're ... here." The Writer-Dramatist stated as the rear cargo ramp opened up, revealing for those who were about to step on its sands for the first time ever.

Turning to Devon, he unhooked the guy from the lines, the blood bags having been drained.

Aftan and Kokoa:

As the plane landed, Kokoa was the first one off the ramp, her attempts at trying to resist Taokaka's force feeding her human food having been mostly successful, MOSTLY. The diminutive vampire ran to the edge of the landing strip and ... well... she hurled the contents of what Tao had forced into her mouth, mostly steamed buns, into the blue water below.

"ACK! EWWWW!!! GROSS!! WHY SO MUCH GARLIC!?!?!" She screamed through the tears in her eyes as she once again wretched.

Aftan, on the other hand, was doing something other than hurling the contents of her stomach into the Hawaiian waters. She was still getting pointers from watching Caim and Jake fight. She took note of how Caim, despite seeming to be fighting with a recklessness, was still able to stay in a highly defensible stance and position relative to Jake and the chaos of his movements made his attacks hard to predict.

Additionally, Caim was able, through the use of a variety of weapons, to vary his assaults from lightning quick light strikes to powerful brute force attacks. The session proved enlightening, not just for Jake, but the Grand Master Knight that observed the session.

She remembered the training session that she was supposed to have with Mistress Angelus and smiled at the memories of what seemed like a different time but was definitely in a different world. This one seemed peaceful despite everything that had occurred.

Avatar Adventures Universe:
Location: New York City (Under Siege)| United States of America
Time: Morning

Elena and Charlie:

The Dark Angel fleet's assault on New York City continued unabated as the two lovers, Elena Volkov and David West, ran down the ruined streets and into the building where Jenny's office was located.

As they entered the building, the entrance to the building opened once again and the duo turned to see Charlie following behind them, having reverted to his human form and armed with is rusty old M16.

"The City is lost. We should evacuate as soon as possible. When I entered the city, I saw that there was a counter attack force rallying over the ocean. I believe that this should be our destination after we retrieve your friend." The Demi-Dragon stated as he took the rear-guard position.

"Agreed. Let's g..." Elena started to say when she spotted the two Dark Angel Brutes blocking the door to the stairwell.

"...oh" She finished as she opened fire on the highly armored and heavily armed Dark Angels.

Avatar Adventures Universe:
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Airborne | Canada/U.S. Border
Time: Morning


His experiments on creating Anti-Angel weapons complete, Puce returned to the Canteen where a few of the new members were still seated, waiting nervously for the ship to enter the battle.

He spotted one (Fionn) that appeared to be tense.

Uncharacteristically, Puce felt the urge to greet the newcomer and see if the man could offer any advice on how the battle could be won.

"Hey there... I'm Puce." The Construct Maker said to Fionn as he seated himself across the table. As he did so, he sensed that Kurumu was also on her way... it would be a welcome change from the business at hand.


Kurumu, sighed as she followed the Anti-Mage to the Canteen, her mind thinking wildly as the two walked down the halls. Pausing before entering the double doors of the Canteen, Kurumu stopped Kyre.

"Emerald... I'm sorry that I thought about ... hurting you... it's a nasty game that those two are playing with your life and ... I was desperate. I never want to see you used like that again." The Succubus explained, sensing that somewhere beneath the Faerie Dust... there was an anger... or maybe it was just Kurumu knowing how she would react if she had found out that someone she cared about was about to kill her.

"But I'll fight for you and I'll help you. Just... please... don't tell Puce about the deal I made with Neeraj... please."

And without waiting for a response, Kurumu lead Kyre into the Canteen, waving to Puce and Fionn as they entered and sat at their table, the Succubus dutifully giving her lover a kiss, the first one in what seemed like an eternity.

"Besides, this should provide more amusement. It has been a time since I've done something interesting... Tighten your grip! Don't swing so wildly! FOOTWORK! Use those gods-given legs!"

You made a fatal mistake. This is your only warning.

Knowing it was really Caim speaking to him, not the dragon, Jake focused. He did tighten his grip. He did stop swinging so wildly. He did start to use his footwork more side to side rather than linear front to back. ANd ever so slowly, he began to improve. Hours passed during the training, until Mark announced they had landed. Jake called an end to the training, giving a flourish and salute with his blade to Caim before sheathing the weapon. He nodded his thanks to Angelus and then walked over to Mark.

He leaned in and nearly made contact with that mask the Dramastist wore. When he spoke, his voice was filled with quiet rage.

"All you had to do was say I needed to make us land. By using your powers to put us down, you put us all in total danger. The whole point of the Pilot is to look after the aircraft. What would have happened if something went wrong? Who would have made the reaction, the call to pull up and go around? No-one, and we would all be dead. If you do that again, I will kill you, no hesistation, no warning, no remorse. And you know I am not bluffing. I am the Pilot of this aircraft, everyone aboard it is my responsibilty. Do not put my in this position again."

With that he walked off the aircraft, commencing a full walkaround to check for damamge, wear and anything that looked off. He then saw the changes to the island, along with the well hidden and large hanger off to the side.

"Oh wow..." he breathed.

Back on the plane, Akane still slept peacefully. The portals to the spirit realm had really drained her.

But she still disagrees...

"Use those gods-given legs" Is one of my new favorite quotes by Angie.

Teri frowned when she received her next message, but was interrupted by Mark and Jake's little verbal tussle. Concern shone on the (midly inebriated) girl's face; and before she tried to move, Angelus walked to her and lightly forced her back into her seat. "Now, now. The one lacking a mask has a point. Furthermore, little one, you would do well to keep your nose out of other people's conflicts. You don't want to end up like your 'heroes' now do you? Because that's certainly what we did..."

Teri remained silent, and scribbled, "... Fine. But that doesn't mean I'm all for everyone fighting with each other."

That was about the time when Angelus got word from Caim that he'd be delayed; pre-training showers and whatnot. Mentioning this to the Writer in question; Teri nodded in agreement with the dragon; and decided to wander outside with her and Ton Ton.

(Un)Real World

Cargo Plane

Jacob heard the others and saw the note Teri had made. He just waved back and kept looking for his magic TOASTER.

He eventually found it and of course made a cheeseburger. Right after he made a few more and tossed one to Teri, Mark, and Devon and then asked "so Mark where the hell are we going anyways?"

AA World

Rising Dawn

Shadow eventually found his way into a canteen and saw that it was filled with Puce and a whole bunch of random people.

He quickly said "hide me", but before anyone could do anything he dived behind a table in an attempt to hide.

C.J. quickly followed him and entered the room, and of course he was wearing his usual suit that had a few blood stains on it. "Has anyone seen a Russian man running away from something?" he asked as he began to look around the room instantly spotting Shadow. "Nevermind" C.J. said as he made his way over to Shadow...

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | Airborne | Landing Approach to Writer's Beach | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon

.. Finally, we arrived at the Hawaiian shores- ......................... and I was passed out so why am I writing this?

Chrysalis flew swiftly out of the plan and landed onto the soft sand which the waves would wash up and hit her hooves. The Queen gazed around and noticed Taokaka there. ".. I'm baffled by the fact Ryan would bring her back. ... "

Taokaka noticed the thing behind her- some kind of insect looking horse and within a second, was in front of the Changeling Queen staring at her face in sheer curiosity. This made Chrysalis lean her head back, wanting some personal space after all.
"Tao remembers you!! You're that, um ... insect thingy which was on the wrinkled paper!"
"Yes .. I was. Am I still wanted then, because if you plan on taking me in ... I would love to see you try."
Taokaka paused for a second. That's when she stuffed a bun into Chrysalis's mouth. "You're SS00000 skinny! You should eat up and gain some weight nasty unicorn!"
"MMhgh pphhh!" Chrysalis spat it out and scolded the cat girl for forcing food into her mouth.

"I do not care if Ryan brought you back, you're better off dead and you should of stayed dead!"
".. Well I do miss my candy mountain. It took me foorreevvver to get that up.. Meowww."
".. Did I forget to mention I loathe all of you. Especially you now. You're a bounty hunter and yet you act like an oblivious child with mental disadvantages."

Did I forget to mention that I was passed out? Yeah, hopefully no one forgot about me.

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | The Writer's Beach | Hawaii | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon


An angry and flustered Mark ripped the Drama mask off of his face and de-rez'd it in a puff of nothing as he stood up, prepared to give Jake a dose of his own verbal threats

"That cocky son of a cock. He thinks that I'm gonna make a mistake with our lives? Who the hell does he think I am? Who the hell does he think he is?!? What's he done while he's been here besides been a fucking aerial taxi driver?!? What's he done besides created a character that owns my soul for eternity?!? I'm gonna kick his Aussie, Roo loving ass off this..." Mark's mind raged before a jovial voice slammed its way into the Dramatist's consciousness.

"So Mark where the hell are we going anyways?" Jacob's voice said as its owner's body shoved a cheeseburger into the Angry Asian's hand.

"Uhh... Jacob?" There was a bit of confusion in Mark's voice as his mind slowed its roll.

"We're here... we're in Hawaii, at least near Hawaii. We're on an uncharted island and this is our hideout. Isolated enough so no one can bother us." He finally replied before he turned back towards his original target, Jake.

Walking briskly towards the Australian, Mark tapped him on the shoulder.

"Look... I'm... sorry, 'kay? I just thought that I'd be polite and let you finish up your training session with Caim. Won't happen again." The apology was sincere and then the two looked around at the refurbished Writer's Beach.

"Couldn't have us living like Tom Hanks in castaway." Mark said as he walked off towards T.

"Hey, T. Listen... lemme talk to you right quick and then I'll let you get to wandering about." Mark said as he stopped her, Red and Ton Ton.

"I understand what you're saying about Darren and I'm in agreement for letting him decide. I guess I'm getting to the point of being tired of fishing his butt from the fire that his mind has started. Maybe while he's here, where it's safe for the rest of the population, he can start learning to control it. We've caused enough mayhem in AA to know what the consequences are and how catastrophic it would be out here." Mark said before he let her, Red and Ton Ton be on their way.

"Oh yeah... and don't worry. The stuff between Jake and I... it's blown over. No need to worry about one of us going crazy on the others... there's only one Darren. Besides... if I'm in trouble... I know you'll be about so save me... my hero" With that, Mark pantomimed a swoon and went back into the plane to grab Ryan's unconscious body, tied a life preserver around it and promptly dumped it over the side of the runaway into the warm Hawaiian waters.

"Ryan!! Wake up! We crashed in the water!!! Wake up Ryan!!!"

Sometimes, Mark really really hated himself... sometimes. =)

(Un)Real World

Cargo plane

Jacob sighed as he watched Mark dump unconscious Ryan into the water.

"What if he doesn't wake up and drowns? I means it's unlikely but..." Jacob asked as he ate his cheeseburger.

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | The Writer's Beach | Hawaii | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon


Mark pointed at the life preserver that had been tied around the unconscious Ryan and pointed to the fact that Ryan was in fact floating in the water.

"You can't drown if your head is above water." Mark chuckled aloud.

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | The Writer's Beach | Hawaii | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon

"Alright, I know ya meant it as a nice gesture, so no hard feelings I suppose. Just, yeah mate, ya know how it is." Jake said and the two men shared a moment where no words were expressed but meanings were.

Things blown over, Jake laughed as Mark played his prank.

"Ten bucks if ya summon a shark fin and circle him wearing it!" Jake said, glee in his voice.

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | The Writer's Beach | Hawaii | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon

The sudden, cold rush of water swept over my body instantly and I awoke with my mangekyou eyes drawn. It was to hasty of a reaction, but my body reacted without me having a second to think. I swept a kick under Mark's leg, making him trip and ended up with me over his body having a palm about to strike.

I froze in that pose though, realizing I was never in any real threat. I blinked, glanced with my eyes ... reverted them to normal and helped Mark up. "... I apologize, I acted out of defense. You can't dump me in the water and think I will wake with a smile."

Unreal world, Hawaiian beach

After being disconnected from the IV and being bandaged up, Devon exited the plane to see Kokoa having just finished vomiting. Feeling sorry for her, he walked up to her with hands still smelling of Mark's blood. "Not meaning to be rude, but it seems eating on a full stomach didn't agree with you. Are you feeling a little bit better? That kinda thing can happen for first-time flyers a lot, but not usually as bad. If you're gonna fly next time, eat light or just have small nibbles on something to help you."

He took off the torn=up shirt and placed it into the messenger bag before waving at her with a hand that still had rusty brown spots all over it. "I'm Devon. Good to meet you, whoever you are!" The man gave what could be seen as a smile even if it was a small one - it seemed he didn't give large grins all too often.

The (Un)Real World
Location: The Writer's Beach
Time: Afternoon

Klaara got up and walked off of the plain and onto the black sand, the sun shone brightly in the deep blue sky and the soft crashing of waves soothed the irritating buzz that seemed to follow her around just out of her hearing range. She kicked off her shoes and walked up to one of the bungalows, entered it and slammed the door shut.

Then she let herself pass out of the bed, she was drained. Her body was not the healthiest it could be, all nighters were definitely not a good thing to pull. Especially one that involved so much running around as it did.

While Klaara slept Titania slipped into the room and started to lay out clothing options for her. It was less an act of kindness and more of an act of subterfuge. After all, if she was served, then she would have to serve the Fey.


Avatar Adventure
Location: The Sea of Chaos
Time: Variable

Nessaj rode hard through the shadowy darkness between worlds, responding to a cry of help from a concerned ally. And it was extremely quickly that the Chaos Knight found Red Mage tied up by great roots in a grassy and airy plane. The Tree of Life Veim stood in front of him, his dark skin reflecting in the infinite warm light.

Nessage brought Armageddon to a heel next to Veim, the burning knight and steed searing the Tree with their presence. < W H A T . H A S . O C C->

"Drop the act Nessaj," Veim said scornfully.

The knight seemed taken aback, but lowered his cludgeon and buckler, "Very well." He looked up at Red Mage and chuckled, "So what is this dispute about?"

The Tree of Life raised his hand and the roots binding Red Mage's mouth uncurled, allowing the Magus to speak. But he held silent. Veim spoke for him, "The Copy Magus has endangered my last remaining daughter. The Queen Titania has her poisoned with Faerie Dust, and Red Magus here came to ask me how to remove it."

Red Mage looked at Nessaj, "Long story short, Nature Boy has no clue either. How about you CK?" RM wrinkled his nose at the smell of sulfur emnating from the burning Knight.

Armageddon neighed and shook his head and Nessaj grabbed the reigns and brought the horse under control, "Fearie... Dust?" he replied slowly, sounding out the two words as if they were foreign to his tongue. Then the Chaos Knight jumped in his saddle, "Could you not just purge it from her?"

"What do you mean?"

"The Diffusal Blade, could you not use it to purge the dust from her body like you would do with Dust of Appearance?"

There was silence between the three men. And then after a good three minutes Red Mage spoke up from his place within the curls of the Obsidian Tree, "Does anyone... know, where the Diffusal blade is?" The other two men shook there head, and then Armageddon nodded. Or at least performed the equivalent of a nod for a horse. The eternal mare then made it clear to all present what the diffusal blade, or rather the Diffusal Blades were.

They were a soul burning set of twin swords given to a specific Anti-Mage so that she could mana burn her foes. Of course that certain Anti-Mage was Kyre Cwanuld of Prybat, and the Diffusal Blades were Talon and Fang. Then came the problem of how to goad two powerful ancient artifacts from the hands of an intoxicated woman, much less to use it on her.

"Well, I'll get right to that," and the Red Magus vanished into the ethereal winds.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn|In Transit
Time: Morning

The Spectre Red Mage appeared next to Kurumu and placed a firm hand on her shoulder. He glared at the Succubus and almost growled as he spoke, "A little horsie told me about a pact you made." Then he leaned closer to Kurumu's ear, "and get me the swords that Kyre carried around. We can use them to clean her body of the Faerie Dust. Do this without alerting her, or she may turn on us. Fairy DUst makes people very irrational."


Kyre was sitting at the window seat again, gazing out toward the earth that was zooming past them, enthralled by the beauty of the flowing rivers of Canada. Especially the one that fed into the Niagara Falls that they passed over about five minutes ago. She smiled absently and picked at a bowl of fresh strawberries that Titania had left for her. The berries were remarkably sweet and lifted her already high spirits. There was so much color, and flavor, and wonder in the world, she couldn't figure out why so many people wished to bring it's destruction.

But the pretext of innocent thought hid a dialogue underneath. Kill her, kill her and then she will forever be with you. She can never leave you. There was that image of the still warg girl, bleeding with a face frozen in the last gasps for life. Kyre found a strange peace in those dead unseeing eyes, and a strange warmth in her cold sticky skin. But yet another part of her screamed It is not love then, but rather just enslaving yourself to a lifeless doll. These words brought back the smiling face of a young man she had met, with long white hair and stormy grey eyes. Lore Frost, had been his name. What was it he said? Kyre knew what he had said. There is no true freedom, just slavery you are happy with.

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | The Writer's Beach | Hawaii | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon



That wasn't how the prank was supposed to play out... Mark ending up on his ass, on the runway, almost having his face smashed in by Ryan's palm.

"Eh... that wasn't cool man." The Dramatist said as he was helped up before his smile returned to him.

"Of course you would wake up in a good mood man. I'm never in a good mood when I wake up. HAHAHAH" The Asian Writer said as he lead Ryan and Jake towards what he thought was an empty bungalow.


"LUCY! I'M HOOOOO... ooops... Sorry sorry sorry!" Mark said as he realized that the Bungalow wasn't empty.


As Kokoa cleaned the snot and tears from her face and started to sniff Devon. Erm... why was she sniffing Devon? Maybe because Devon didn't clean his hands of Mark's blood.

"I'm Kokoa... Kokoa Shuzen" The short red-haired vampire said as she continued to sniff Devon... and was getting uncomfortably close.

"And it's not that... that damn Taokaka did this to me... she tried to feed me Human food." and that's when the grumbles started. Not really from Kokoa but from from her stomach.

Well Devon... you like donating blood? Well... here's a taker.


"Ewwwww!!!" Kokoa spat out the mouthful of blood that she had already purloined from Devon's neck. It seems that Kokoa was one of those vampires that was quite particular about the blood that she ingested or... perhaps... it was the Type O- blood.

Avatar Adventures Universe:
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Airborne | Canada/U.S. Border
Time: Morning

Puce and Kurumu:

Kurumu simply nodded at Red Mage as she took a seat next to Puce, looking at Kyre as she sat near the window staring at the scenery. From Puce's reaction... or lack thereof, she knew that Red was keeping himself hidden.

There was a brief wiggle of her nose and the spell was cast. Her communications with Red Mage would stay between them.

"So what if I made a Pact... you and Titania are playing a game with Kyre's life and you expect me to sit idly while you're doing this? Are you crazy?" Of course... this was probably a bit of a sore subject given ... well... events.

"Haven't you even considered asking her to help you instead of manipulating her? It couldn't hurt. None of this man behind the curtains stuff. None of this pulling of strings and definitely none of this toying with other peoples' lives. Why do you even need her? You owe me an explanation... the whole explanation or else you can get the blades on your own... and I'll figure out a way to cure her on my own. Maybe Slindis can purge the poison out of her system?"

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | The Writer's Beach | Hawaii | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon

Truly, it was a relief to see Mark being so forgiving. I felt bad still, having to react in such a defensive way since my eyes tend to make me far more alert and able to react on my reflexes faster then even a trained martial artist could. Before I could take any further steps, something jumped onto my back and hugged my chest from around the neck.

Judging by the weight, the legs to my hips and how the gloves were so massive in size ... only one character could fit such a description.

"Hiya! Everybody's been leaving Tao all alone, she doesn't like that. I want to be with you, mmoeewww!!"
"Haha alright, alright. If you behave, I shall let you ride on my back."
"Yeah~ piggy back ride! Wwhooooh! This is fun, FUN Fun fun!"

".. Why did I ever kill you off for?"
"Hmm? Did the nice man say something to Tao?"
"Nothing. Let's carry on, but make sure you hold on tight- Ah! No, ... no no don't use your metal nails to hold onto me. Just clench your limbs around me please. Owww...."

Taokaka did as she was told, riding on my back like a school girl would or child for that manner. I didn't mind, and it was nice. But it was also sort of awkward because Taokaka was a girl no matter how you look at it. Regardless, I wouldn't think sexually of Taokaka for she is my creation and I am in a relationship already with someone in real life.

But seriously look at this-

Yea ... so unless you're a gentlemen, you'd best see Taokaka as something else or your mind will go into the gutter. Or maybe that's just me but as of now I simply enjoyed her company and how she's attached to me already. She could of jumped onto anyone else's back, but... every character has an attachment or bond somehow to their creator. Seemed this was proof of it.

Didn't take long though before Taokaka decided to ask Mark, "Why does the hungry lady keep munching on random strangers? .. I'm sooooo confused, I try and try to give her some yummy stuff but she always had such a fit. Spoiled booby lady, enjoy what food you have in this life!"

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | The Writer's Beach | Hawaii | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon

Mark, looked back and turned to look at Klaara, who was probably trying to sleep and looked back at Tao, and tried to back out of the Bungalow but found that they were all trapped by Taokaka.

"Ummmm... she's a vampire. They can't eat food. They get sick if you try to feed them real food... especially stuff that has garlic in it." Mark said as he tried to push the trio out the door... but was unsuccessful. Why? Because Mark tried to move Jake, Jake tried to move Ryan and if Ryan tried to move Tao... there were those... soft bits.

"Come on guys! Move it before she wakes up and we're all dead!" The Dramatist said as he tried to move the frozen trio.

The (Un)Real World:
Location: The Cargo Plane | The Writer's Beach | Hawaii | United States of America
Time: The Afternoon

Of all things, everyone's trying to get me out the door when I have Taokaka on my back. Not even a warning, everyone just pushes me back and I can't do anything about it especially because I have to support Taokaka's balance.
".. NNnhhh- hissss! Why are nyuu moving me into the door, Tao doesn't like this!"

"Wait.. this is a game? Are you trying to have fun without Tao knowing? Now I know, so let's all play!"
"God dang it-"

Knowing Taokaka, when she says "fun" or "play" .. it means brawl.
Taokaka in a speed that didn't give me time to finish my line, balanced herself onto my side with one arm and side kicked Jake's face where a small gush of wind flew and the force knocked Mark back too, and then me included all fell into Klaara and crashed into her on the bed, crashing that. Taokaka was prancing and smiling widely.

"Ne-ha ne-ha, ne-haaaa! That was incredibly ... awhh boring."
She sat onto her butt and moped. "Tao thought you all wanted to test her strength as a vigil .. thingy!" (vigilante)

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